How to Frighten a Husband

J and I have been married for 6 ½ years, we know each other pretty well.  J can still surprise me once in a while with his taste and preferences.  J has learned to deal with all my craziness quite well, but I can easily scare him any time I want.  It’s really pretty easy, just 6 little words … “Honey I tried a new recipe!” 

I love to cook and bake.  I like to try new recipes and often do so.  I do use some discretion and try recipes that I think J will like.  I watch for recipes that do not include ingredients or foods he does not care for, there is a long list of them.  Sometimes I toss all reason out the window and try a recipe with the stuff I like, a lot of which is on J’s foods I don’t eat list.

J is a typical cowboy.  He likes meat, lots of cheese, ranch salad dressing and foods that are fried.  I am a big meat eater also and like lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  I love lots of spices and flavor while J prefers a little salt and pepper.  I often cook meals that comprise of J’s half and my half.  Pizza, casseroles, hamburgers and steak are good examples.

J is having a Township meeting at our house on Monday.  While looking through an ag paper he found a dessert recipe the thinks looks good.  After analyzing the recipe I realized I have a similar recipe.  I have made my recipe before and noted that it was good.  If it was bad I would have put it in file 13 and never made it again.  I have put quite a few recipes in file 13, also known as the trash can.

I will let you know if I make J’s new request or rebel and make my version.

Is your cowboy particular about the foods he likes or will he eat anything?

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  1. Kari Sanders says:

    Carl says if I would listen to him I’d be a better cook. I recommended that he should be doing more cooking then.

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