Hay Hauling and Yellow Wild Flowers

As August winds down, I’m left wondering how did August go faster than July?

August 29

This past week the weather has been more fall like than summer. We’ve been enjoying cooler temperatures and brisk mornings. Tuesday and Wednesday were very windy bringing in a cold front. Yesterday we were back into the 90’s and it sounds like summer temperatures are back for this week.

August 29

J changed the focus from fencing to hauling hay. We got two big days of hauling last week. Half of the hay was stacked and ready to move. The other half I gathered into loads while J was unloading at the hay corral.

Today, back to the field. With good luck we should get this project completed by mid week.

August 29

While J loads hay I read. When the loads are already stacked I get even more reading in. I read The Last Woman Standing by Thelma Adams, a book about Josephine Marcus. We know her better as Josie, the second wife of Wyatt Earp.

The Ladies’ Room, by Carolyn Brown, is a read about the main character over hearing her cousins gossip about her in the ladies room during the funeral their aunt. The news caused the main character to make a few huge life changes and find her inner beauty.

August 29

I’m getting a few pullet eggs! In the last few days I’ve gotten 1-2 little white eggs a day. I think they are fun.

August 29

I’ve been working on a handful of craft projects. I am crafting on several old windows for my vendor both at the South Dakota Women in Ag Conference. I hope to get them done this week. I’ll be posting pictures my projects closer to conference time.

Sister asked me to make a pallet bookshelf for Miles. Luckily I had two made already. I’ve been contemplating how to “rework” one shelf and was more than happy to comply with Sister’s request.

August 29

I am sad to say that I was unable to attend the Nebraska State Fair this year. I missed spending the weekend showing sheep with Mom.

Mom did show South Downs, but look less sheep than years past. Dad, Sister, Miles and family friends helped over the weekend.

August 29

I hope your August has been a good one and September is full of all that makes you smile! State Fair, cooler temperatures, football, soup weather and bountiful garden or crop harvests.

Due to Labor Day I’m not going to post next week. I’ll see you back her on September 12th!


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5 Responses to Hay Hauling and Yellow Wild Flowers

  1. Darcy says:

    Your pallet shelf turned out so nicely! And I love the pictures of those yellow flowers.

  2. Kim says:

    I hope more pretty skies and wildflowers are in your future! I agree with Darcy: The shelf turned out really cute! They will enjoy using it and it will be a special keepsake since it was made with love.

  3. Buttons says:

    Love your bench it is awesome. I am sorry you did not get to go with your Mom. Next year though right?:) Enjoy your break there is always so much to do and you are rolling along 😉 hugs B

  4. Pamela Galindo says:

    Hello….we seem to have a nice cool-down in our valley in central California…we are in the 90’s and have left triple-digit weather at least for awhile. Our air quality is very bad right now, due to wildfires. The hummingbirds are drinking the feeders down to empty every few days… there were 3 hummingbirds in an aerial fight for control of the feeders….they are not good at sharing! I love seeing the bales of hay and pretty yellow flowers that you post; there won’t be any signs of fall where I live until late Oct. and then it will be short-lived. I read a really good book recently called Cole Creek by Julie Anne Morley. She divides her time between Santa Cruz, California and she and her husband have a bed and breakfast at her ranch in Idaho, which you can view online. I’m looking forward to my trip to the east coast on Sept. 22…hopefully, I’ll see some signs of Fall there.

    • Robyn says:


      I’m glad you are getting a little bit of a cool down. I hope that they can get the wild fires under control soon.

      We are seeing a few yellow/gold colored leaves. I’m not sure if the leaves are turning due to fall or drought. We had an “early” spring this year, maybe we will see signs of an “early” fall too.

      I’ll have to look up Julie Anne Morley. Thanks for the book suggestion.

      Enjoy your east coat trip next month!

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