Happy Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day I want to say Thank You Mom …

My Mom, September 2009.

Thank You for changing so many diapers and cleaning up my bed sheets and pjs when I got the flu in the middle of the night! 

Thank You for letting me sit on the kitchen counter and dip strawberries in the sugar container.

Thank You for disciplining me and teaching me to work hard.

Thank You for my love of animals.  Spike and Pess will always have a special place in my heart.

Spike and I.

Thank You for hemming my pants when I was in grade school.

Thank You for taking the time to make math worksheets and do flash cards with me.

Mom and I at the State Fair with Jiggs, September 1998.

Thank You for teaching me to be an awesome cattle showman, both in the show ring and out.  This way of life had a huge impact on making me who I am today.  

Thank You for taking me to livestock shows, judging contests, appointments, practices, meetings and Church. 

Thank You for my sister!

Sister and Mom, 2009


Thank You for your friendship, insights into life and love.

Thank You for being a great example of how to give back to our community.

Mom and I on my Wedding Day, September 2003.


Thank You encouraging my love of learning, reading, cooking and baking.

Thank You for always being there for me and listening.

Thank You for French braiding my hair.  I will request this of you until your fingers don’t work anymore!

Mom and I at my High School Graduation, May 1999.


Thank You giving me wings to fly and helping me up when I fall.


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  1. Patti Wilson says:

    well done rob

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