Happy Memorial Day

The American Flag {Picture Source}


Yesterday I was thinking about how my family celebrated Memorial Day when I was growing up.

When I was in lower elementary school we spend the Holiday at Friend, NE.  My Mom’s Mother’s family lived at Friend.  We did a picnic/potluck in the park or at Mom’s cousin’s house.  I remember sunshine and playing!

In late elementary school we started helping Grandma Alice, Dad’s Mom, decorate grave stones.  Helping Grandma turned into an overnight stay enjoyed by all of us.

Starting when I was a teenager, Memorial Day weekend kickoff the summer show season!  Mom and Sister hit a lamb show in the Sandhills and headed to Iowa for another show.  Since Sister was the sheep showman (I the cattle showman.) this became Mom and M’s weekend.  I spent quality time at home AIing cows with Dad.

No matter how your family celebrates Memorial Day weekend lets keep in mind the real reason for the Holiday.  Thank You to ALL the men and women in our military for your service and courage.  Thank You for protecting our freedom!  May we remember the fallen troops that have fought to protect our great country.

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