Happy Father’s Day

Rancher and Father; two very important life roles my Dad plays.

Dad knows, a Hard Days Work.  From spraying and chopping thistle to AIing cows.  From cutting cedar trees to building barns and machine sheds.  He helped his girls break club calves and lambs.  Dad was in charge of heavy equipment when we went to steer shows.  Calving, working cattle and haying are all in a day’s work.

Dad loves to talk cattle and business.  His is a good one to bounce ideas off of and always gives me food for thought on industry related issues.

Dad knows the value of giving back to his community.  He served on the County Fair Board for many years.  He was an active 4-H Dad that picked up road ditches, worked in the lunch stand and cleaned up the fairgrounds.  He has also been seen working at the church bazaar and a helping neighbor in need.

Dad spent many hours in the barn teaching his girls about livestock, judging and industry issues.  Sister and I knew the parts of the animal (cattle, sheep and hogs) by the time we were 8 years old.  By 9 Dad had us reading EPD’s. 

As kids and teenagers Dad spent endless hours exposing us to hard work agriculture.  We were his right hand helpers and help we did!  Our family did fun things too, like going to livestock shows.

As Sister and I have grown Dad’s role has changed.  It’s the work ethic he instilled in us and practice sessions in the barn that have helped make sister and I who we are today.

Happy Father’s Day!  I Love You, Dad.

A special Thank You to Sister for helping with the photos!

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  1. Candy C. says:

    What a nice Father’s Day post for your dad! 🙂

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