Happy Birthday

On Friday March 6, 1981, D and P became first time parents.  It was a blustery, cold, wet Nebraska spring day.  P was ten (10) days past her initial due date with me.  On the way to the hospital they stopped to check water for the cows and a little after 12 noon I entered the world.

Baby Picture

My folks were so excited to have a healthy baby girl with 10 toes and 10 fingers.  I can only imagine Mom’s relief to not be pregnant anymore!

1 year old

Early elementary school birthdays were spent roller skating.  The entire class was invited and the roller rink was taken over by excited 6,7,8 year old kids.  It was fun, no mater how many times we fell and had our fingers rolled over before we re-gained our skating balance.

2 or 3 years old

As we got older birthdays were celebrated with Pizza and Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!  It was a real treat for our family and Grandma.  Ice cream cake remained a special occasion’s tradition until I left for college.

In High School Dad let me play hooky on my birthday!  He tried to move cows home from cornstalks on my day so I could help.  It was always fun to participate with cattle work and enjoy the company of friends and neighbors.  On occasion I got to ride a horse!

Married life birthdays are celebrated with J and his family.  We ranch with J’s folks and we are calving.  I always get a homemade card from J made from construction paper.  He is very creative, but don’t tell him you heard that from me.

Dinner at the Bakery with family and friends.

I am always excited for my birthdays to roll around and do not dread getting older.  I am not fond of the gray hair and achy muscles, but I will manage.  I reflect on the past year and think about how much I have learned and grown as a person.  How much will I positively change and mature in the year to come?   

Good bye 20’s and hello to the big 3-0!

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9 Responses to Happy Birthday

  1. Kari Sanders says:

    Happy Birthday. Megan celebrates her birthday this week too.

    • Robyn says:

      I knew Megan was a March baby. Are you planning a big party?

      • Kari Sanders says:

        She gets out of school early on Thursday for her birthday. How lucky is that. Carl’s cousin (who works at the school) is taking her to Dairy Queen for dinner (lunch…the noon meal) and I’m taking off work early to pick her and 3 friends up. We are going to go bowling and then out for icecream. We will celebrate her birthday with family on Friday night. I found a cute candy land cake I am going to attempt to make on the taste of home website.

  2. James Brixey says:

    Happy Birthday!! Hope your calving is going good.

  3. Shelly Rager says:

    Love you!! Hope you had a wonderful day!! I love your blog, one of these days I’ll figure our how to comment!! The whisk is great and I so love the “babies.” I look for the wet ones out here on my way to the office.

  4. Lynn says:

    ok, guess I missed your big day, for which, I am sorry…….so Happy Belated Birthday!! Bright sunshine over the ranch this morning, I am so grateful to the Lord for this much needed gift!!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of fresh fluffy snow, suppose when the wind blows on Friday, so will this added blanket of white stuff!!!!!!!!

    Warmer days to come!!!!!!!!!! Another blessing!!!!!!!!!

    Take care, and have I mentioned that I love your blog!
    Your friend,

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