Grandma’s Quilts

A Grandmother is a woman who is an ancestor, as defined by my Microsoft Word program. Growing up Grandma was the lady we always wanted to go see. When we spent the night we (Sister, Grandma, and I) all shared a bed. Grandma taught us to sew. She never got mad when I mowed over her flowers or ran into the house with the lawn mower.

A quilt is a bed cover made of two layers of fabric stitched together with padding held in place by decorative intersecting seams. Grandma is an expert quilter and embroiderer.

To feel tender affection for somebody is love. In our family Grandma’s quilts represent fabric stitched together with love and cherished memories. She makes quilts and sets them together to our (her Grandchildren’s) personal colors and styles of preference. Grandma made a baby quilt for me. I still have it and use it everyday.

My Baby Quilt

As young girls Grandma made us Lady Quilts. The ladies dresses have remnants from the past.One Lady has the green checkered material is from my baby quilt! Another Lady shares the same material as the dress Grandma made me to wear in the Hazard Centennial celebration parade.  (The Upper right hand Lady)

My Lady Quilt

My name in Grandma’s writing and the year the quilt was made.

When I was a senior in High School Grandma asked me what I wanted for a Graduation gift. My answer … a quilt. We went to a local fabric shop and picked out blocks and threads. Grandma spent countless hours hand embroidering blocks for a queen size quilt and matching pillows. Every Grandchild and Great Grandchild younger than me has received a quilt.

My Graduation Quilt

When my cousin (who is the next one younger than I) got married she requested a Double Wedding Ring Quilt. Grandma has made several Double Wedding Rings in the last five years.

Sister’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

At 91 years old Grandma is still making beautiful quilts! Every time I stop to visit her I ask what her current project is. Actually, I should say projects, she is usually working on several quilts at a time. I don’t even know where to start for a guess at how many quilts Grandma has made. But, I can tell you that every hand sewn stitch was made with love.

I asked some of my cousins to share pictures of their quilts from Grandma.  Here is a sample of the love Grandma has quilted for her family:

Carm’s Lady Quilt

Lindsey’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt.

Graduation Quilt for a Great Grandchild (Carm’s Son).

Graduation Quilt for a Great Grandchild (Carm’s Son).

Lindy’s Quilts – Graduation Quilt, Baby Quilt for Lindy’s Daughter, Lady Quilt, and Double Wedding Ring.


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8 Responses to Grandma’s Quilts

  1. Janet says:

    What great keep sakes for the family. Much love goes into making a quilt whether machine or hand stitched. Thanks for sharing.

    • Robyn says:

      When I go visit Grandma you can see the radiance of love she has for her family when she tells you about the quilts. Thanks for visiting my blog, Janet.

  2. Teresa says:

    Those are just amazing! Her workmanship is so wonderful. I have a quilt that my great-grandmother made, and I cherish it.

    • Robyn says:

      There are a lot of memories in a quilt. Good times with Grandma and funny things she said or did. I am glad you have a cherished quilt you love!

      It is amazing all the hand embroidering that Grandma has done. I am too impatient. It would be hard for me to sit and enjoy making all the small detailed stitches.

  3. kateri says:

    What treasures your Grandmother has made for you and your family members. These quilts are all so beautiful!

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks for looking at my blog, Kateri! We all love our quilts from Grandma, and they are as different as our personalities.

  4. Jan says:

    What wonderful memories you will always have of your Grandmother…her quilts!! They are simply gorgeous! I saw a saying one day in a quilt store…”Blessed are the quilt makers children, for they shall inherit the quilts.”

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