Golden Flowers

We got back in the hay field, kind of.  Yesterday morning we woke up to fog and lots of dew, the same this morning.  The afternoons have been turning off sunny and hot.  We got a little raking and baling done yesterday and the Rancher put in a big afternoon/evening swathing.

I came up with a few ideas for this week’s gold or evening Nurture Photography prompts.

1.  I bought this pretty Lily for me.  To be honest, I bought it to take pictures of.  It was beautiful and made me smile.

July 112.  Several types of golden yellow flowers dot the prairie.  So far, cactus blooms are the only ones I have captured with my camera.  I love seeing the bright golden petals among the summer grass.

3.  All over the prairie the cactus are in bloom!  There are several colors and they always  catch me eye.  From the closed up morning buds to the blooms of afternoon and evening these flowers are beautiful.

July 11

4.  My tomato and pepper plants are doing good!  I hope the little golden blooms mean lots of tomatoes.  Last weekend, I ate my first homegrown spinach.

July 11

5.  I am a morning person.  I like to get up and get to going, moving and working on the day’s projects.  I am learning to enjoy the peacefulness of evening.  I can reflect that I have put in a good days work, accomplished a lot and made a small difference.


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26 Responses to Golden Flowers

  1. Amy says:

    My favorite color (along with orange and green).

  2. Oh I do love those lovely golden flowers, yellow is such a happy color, always brings a smile to my face!!

  3. Kim says:

    We’ve had a few tomatoes (thanks to Randy, not me!). It was too damp to bale here first thing this AM and I had to go pick up Randy at the alfalfa field. I wish that meant that it had rained, but it’s just humid. Thanks for sharing your pretty yellow! Have a good day, Robyn!

  4. cheri says:

    WOW! Love the cacti! I am so surprised we don’t have them here. It is the high desert after all!! Average 12 inches of rain a year!

  5. Candy C. says:

    What a beautiful lily! I like to buy flowers just for photos too. 😉
    I’m also a morning person, up before 5 AM and in bed before 9 PM.

  6. Karen says:

    I love the lilies – and buying them to photograph and because they make you smile is the very best of reasons for buying flowers! The prairie cacti are so pretty – we definitely don’t have those around here. This was an interesting 5, Robyn.

  7. Yellow is such a happy color! I’m a morning person too, and in bed early– I don’t understand how some folks can sleep til noon! LOL!

  8. Sandy says:

    Beautiful Lilly. Mine are starting to bloom, the only one I remember the name of is Star Gazer. I have several differnet yellow types and a pretty pink something. I always think I’ll save the little labels so I’ll remember and they get buried or blown away, lol.

  9. Nancy says:

    Quite a few yellow (and orange, pink, white) lilies blooming here now. So pretty!

    I didn’t know you had cactus where you are. Very cool.

    Enjoy your weekend Robyn!

  10. lynn says:

    I adore those Cactus flowers, I’d of bought the Lily too, and prefer early mornings. I like how you’ve done your photos.

  11. Cindy P says:

    I love the cactus blooms! Those are gorgeous! I always enjoy seeing cactus because they can have the most beautiful flowers. It’s a shame they’re not native to MD and that I can’t keep one alive for anything! 🙂

    I, too, am a morning person. I love getting things done early and enjoying relaxing and feeling accomplished later in the day. Plus, I feel like you get to enjoy more of the day by getting up early!

  12. Maggid says:

    Home grown Spinach??? Now THAT sounds splendid.

    I never really thought about so many yellow blossoms until now . . even on cactus? Nifty.

    I could use a little of your morning enthusiasm . . . I manage, but – my normal setting is to begin when the sun starts to set . . (I come from an entertainment family) . . I often lived with my aunt & uncle on a farm – the adjustment – was comical for everyone involved.

    Happy Day!!!

  13. I am a morning person also. I can’t imagine not waking with the sun. I feel as if I’ve missed the entire day!

  14. Viv says:

    Love the cactus flowers we don’t get them here in UK too cold and wet !!!! I see you live inSouth Dakota I visited Spearfish many years ago as a British student we had 3 wonderful weeks at The Black Hills State College happy memories….thanks for visiting me today…

  15. Your yellow lily is very pretty, I have one but it’s a different variety.
    The cactus flowers are lovely but you’d have to be careful where you stepped I’d think.
    I’m more of an evening person then a morning person. Guess that stems from having to get up early in the summers as a kid to pick strawberries and later as an adult to go to work. Now that I’m at home I prefer to sleep till at least 7:00 and stay up till 11:00/12:00 most nights.
    Enjoyed my visit here.

  16. Molly says:

    I love the lily’s they are such beautifully delicate flowers


  17. Beth says:

    love the cactus .. gorgeous moments. ( :

  18. mary says:

    Oh those cactus blossoms are lovely! Their shade of yellow is glorious, and happily shouts.. ‘summertime!’

    I would love to live on the prairie for awhile someday. I grew up in Maine and now live in Oregon, and i love both. But the prairie would be a great experience i think. All that wide open space!

    Homegrown veggies are so delicious! Have a beautiful weekend!

    • Robyn says:

      I think the sunshine colored cactus shout out summer too!

      I would like to visit the Pacific Northwest and see the ocean.

  19. Sharon says:

    Lovely lily! I also love the desert blooms. The desert here blooms in March and is usually all brown by April.

    I’m a morning person, too. My brain wears out in the evening!

  20. Rebecca says:

    I love your choice of golden yellows Robyn, the lily is especially lovely!

    I used to be a morning person too, I’m not sure what happened along the way but I am pushing myself to get back to waking early to get my day started 🙂

    Thanks for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge!

  21. oh I love the cactus blooms – we never see those here int he midwest

  22. Nina says:

    The cactus flower sare so special to me, such a tender flower! Beautiful yellow beauties!

  23. You know what? I buy flowers to photograph too. lol Love that cactus bloom! I’ve never seen one in real life.

    Thanks for sharing with us in the Nurture Photography Challenge! Have a great day. 🙂

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