Getting Caught Up

Now that all the cattle are home and calves are weaned we have daily chores. The cows are out grazing winter pasture.  We will not start feeding them until we get snow or it gets really really cold.  On the other hand, we feed the calves every morning. They get a ration including ground hay, corn silage, dried distillers grain, pellets and mineral.  The feed gets mixed up in the feed wagon so each bite the calves take is balanced and consistent.  We check the feed to make sure the wagon is doing a good job of mixing.

November 21

J’s Uncle is headed back east this morning.  We have enjoyed having him visit and help us out the last two weeks.

Last Friday, November 15th, two more of J’s Uncles and a Cousin came to hunt deer. The guys had a fun time looking for deer.  Actually finding the deer and getting a shot proved to be a challenge this year.

November 21

While J was out with the Uncles I took advantage of the nice weather.  I stained and gel-varnished the windows we had replaced last August.  Friday I did one coat of stain. Saturday, two coats of varnish and another two coats on Monday. Sunday was to cold and windy to open windows.  Tuesday I got my project done and cleaned house.

Molly is still not sure about Rosie, but she is a smidgen more willing to play. Before too long Rosie will be bigger than Molly and Molly’s crabby attitude will be irrelevant.

November 21

Monday morning the ground was cold enough for J and his Dad to bring home the last three loads of hay.  All the hay is home!

The computer continues to give us fits.  Yesterday, I spent half the day saving files and e-mailing documents to myself.  We are taking the computer to the doctor and looking into a new one.  I am paranoid of losing all my stuff.  If something does get lost maybe I won’t have to start from zero.

Slow and steady we are getting the fall work done.  We feel blessed that we have had autumn like weather the last couple of weeks.  Last night Old Man Winter dropped in with temps in the low 20’s and wind.  It was 7* when I got up this morning.  The good news is these cold fronts seem to last a day or two and then it’s nice for a few days.

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8 Responses to Getting Caught Up

  1. Darcy says:

    Glad you got a lot of chores done – that is a good feeling. One thing you might think about buying is a portable hard drive for your computer – they’re about $100 and since having one, I don’t ever save files to my computer anymore, it’s all on my hard drive. It’s small enough that I just stash it in my purse, and have it {and all of my files} with me wherever I go. Then if a computer crashes, the files aren’t on it, and I think it makes our computers run faster because there aren’t any files on it. Just my two cents; I’d be curious to hear what others do too. (I worry about my hard drive crashing, so I actually have two and back up one on the other – but maybe that’s overkill.)

  2. Linda W says:

    Your puppy is growing fast! Like your second shot of the landscape. Makes me miss my home state…

  3. cheri says:

    Rosie is getting big. Smokey our oldest dog is not keen on the pups at all. Bandit is a little mama to them. Kinda funny and cute. Love that 2nd picture. Beautiful. We got ALL our hay home! Even the small bales for the barn. Wont start feeding until snow flies or freezing freezing temps. We are feeding 14 calves that are left over from weaning. Just high protein alfalfa and salt. Getting the bunks ready for our replacements. Sanitizing the water tanks and bunk. Making mounds etc. Its been a wonderful fall so far.

  4. Candy C. says:

    It’s always nice to get those home improvement projects finished. We picked up a new kitchen faucet yesterday and are going to put it in today or tomorrow. Cute pictures of the dogs together! 🙂
    I hope you can get your computer problems resolved, that is NEVER any fun!

  5. Oh your pup is so cute…Toby and Cinder just don’t play. I think Toby, but Cinder is such a little princess I don’t think she knows how to play. But it’s fun to watch them run in the yard together. Sounds like your heavy work is done for awhile and so glad you had extra help…that is a ton of work. I so enjoy reading your posts, your life is so different than mine…you must get a real sense of accomplishment at days end.

  6. Sandra says:

    Sounds busy!
    New border collie?
    My uncle and a friend of ours have been hunting.
    They have gotten several. Deer population is very high this year.
    Enjoy the weekend

  7. What a sweet pup! Dad made silage too back when we still had cattle. Oh, the smell…….

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