Frosty Tuesday

Sunday Old Man Winter decided to come back from vacation. The wind blew in colder tempts that were a far cry from Saturday’s sunny 52*. The roaring wind woke me up early Monday morning and we got freezing rain during the night. When we left the house for chores I was bundled up like an elementary kid ready for recess and I almost biffed it when I stepped out on the ice-covered deck.

December 16

I took took full advantage of the mild weather by airing out the house, walking outside and enjoying less layers of bulky winter clothes. J got the tractors and feed wagon greased, windows washed, and cleaned around the feed bunks.

One of my friend sent me a Facebook message saying she had laundry out on the line.

December 16

Last week we ran the first calf heifers through the chute. Wednesday we worked at our house and at Cousin T’s on Friday. The heifers got cow tags, year branded, poured and vaccinated.

My  little hens have been busy. I am getting at least 9 eggs a day. The most eggs they have laid is 15 in a day. My regular egg customers are almost as excited about this as I am.

December 16

Sister asked me to write a breeder profile for the Braunvieh World. I enjoy doing this type of writing assignment, because I get to learn about a variety of cattle operations and talk to people who are passionate about the cattle they raise. The gentlemen I interviewed is from Nebraska; his father-in-law imported the very first Braunvieh cattle to the United States from Switzerland. Within the conversation we figured out that Mom grew up showing against his sister-in-laws.

December 16

December 14th was our Church Christmas program. This is my first year teaching religious education; I have the 3 and 4th grade classes. There are 28 total kids in the program. The last 4 weeks have been dedicated to practicing and preparing for the Christmas program. In addition to Church and the program, we had a potluck dinner. The kids did a good job, we had a nice turn out and a fun afternoon.

This week we have a group activity day planned. Sugar cookie decorating, a crafty project and coloring. The Halloween/All Saint’s Day group activity we had in October was a huge hit with the kids.

December 16

Tuesday December 9th was a foggy frosty day, all day. Molly and I went for a late afternoon walk and I grabbed my camera to capture the beauty. Not only was the frost gorgeous, but the lighting was too. The lighting was very inconsistent as the sun tried to poke through the western sky and the east side of the driveway was almost dark.

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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8 Responses to Frosty Tuesday

  1. Jennifer says:

    The frost is gorgeous on the trees in the field – great photos!

  2. Lisa Harrington says:

    Wow-28, 3rd and 4th graders…that is lots of kids. I’m impressed.

    Hope that all is well Robyn. Your pictures are beautiful. Merry Christmas!!

  3. CountryMum says:

    Beautiful photos!! Amazing that they were taken on a late afternoon walk and that the frost is still so evident that late in the day.

  4. Myla says:

    I adore the pictures Robyn! The frost/fog=Freezing Fog, on the barbed wire is AMAZING!! Sounds like you’re staying busy, as usual. Enjoy your week!

  5. Cheri says:

    Love the frost on the trees. We had freezing rain one day. It was nasty! Everything coated in ice. I have yak tracks that I strap on my boots. I get around like a mountain goat on ice! 🙂

  6. Kim says:

    These photos deserve to be blown up on canvas and put on your wall. So gorgeous! Last year, we’d had a fair amount of snow by this time. This year, it’s just snowed once. The forecast calls for some tonight. We shall see!

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