From the Sheep Barn

For Random 5 Friday I have a few more shots from the State Fair.

1.  Here is a picture of WEG and my Mom discussing sheep.  The friends one makes while showing livestock are bonds that last forever.  WEG and his Sister showed cattle in 4-H the same time Mom did.

September 12

2.  Showing livestock is also about family.  Working together caring and showing livestock is a wonderful family project.  These two young ones belong to the Daughter of my Mom’s First Cousin.

September 12

3.  Showing livestock teaches one life long skills.  We give our animals the best possible care, nutrition, and shelter.  Attending fairs is one way to see what other breeders are raising, discuss industry issues and promote our livestock.

Mom took pictures of me diligently working on the ewes.

September 12

4. It’s fun to look at all the different breeds of sheep and to see what people are showing.  I enjoy looking at, evaluating and talking about livestock.

September 12

September 12

5.  Sheep breeders are a close group.  Many breeders take a lot of sheep to a show and help each other in the ring.  I am helping a South Dakota breeder show Babydoll Southdowns.

September 12

J and I are headed out to meet Cousin T and his son to precondition calves this morning.  We have a few days of fall cattle work ahead of us.


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16 Responses to From the Sheep Barn

  1. Candy C. says:

    Nice pictures! 🙂
    The boy across the road is getting ready to show a sheep in the County Fair in a week or two. He has been walking it up and down the road in the evenings. They seem to be doing pretty good!

    • Robyn says:

      Sister and I spent lots of time walking sheep too! Mom and/or Dad frequently walked with us.

      Are you planning on taking in the Fair?

  2. Buttons says:

    Oh Robyn looks like lots of fun. I love the shots of your Mom. Have fun with the cattle.hug B

  3. We have many friends who live for showing livestock at the fair – it’s so fun to keep up with their stories & experience their passion for it.

  4. cheri says:

    4-H and FFA is such a wonderful thing for the kids. They learn so much about responsibility. Great photos.
    Have fun with the your fall work. We are going to start here soon. I want to go see my son before all the hoopla begins! 🙂
    Have a great day.

    • Robyn says:

      Happy travels and good luck with fall cattle work, Cheri.
      We knocked out all of our calves and Cousin T’s calves in 2 days. One big job done. Now on to the next priority project.

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time. Your pictures are excellent!

  6. Snap says:

    one of my favorite things each year is to attend the livestock show. i’ve always enjoyed it — from my days as a tiny little girl to now — still small, but much older. my grandparents raised angus and quarter horses. such wonderful memories. you are building those memories too. 4-H and FFA — wonderful!

  7. Nancy says:

    Something about seeing the livestock all prettied up just makes me smile — and I wish I was close enough to help with the cattle Robyn.

    Enjoy! xo

  8. Loving the sheep photos. I miss the sheep around us in England. Here in Vancouver there’s car noise instead of sheep baas int eh morning. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  9. Your sheep shots are so interesting to read about and see. I liked that close-up shot after #4
    I noticed when visiting our Fair that people who show animals are so friendly and willing to share with you their love and knowledge of their animals. I’m not a “farm” person but I do enjoying reading about farms and visiting animals at fairs and such.

  10. Tanya says:

    i loved the photos and learning about the fair!

  11. Teresa says:

    That looks like a really good time! I’ve never been one to take my animals to the fair, but I always enjoy watching the shows.

  12. lynn says:

    I had cousins and friends who belonged to 4H (I don’t even know what that stands for) but they entered their animals, gave small lectures, won prizes, it looks like what you are posting about here, I used to love to attend and watch, we lived in town so couldn’t participate but it was fun watching.

  13. Sharon says:

    Your world is fascinating to me (city girl)! The babydoll Southdowns are handsome sheep. Isn’t it interesting how you have made so many friends and bonded with family through the livestock. I’m sure you work very hard, too!

  14. Amy says:

    I am looking forward to the agriculture showings at the fair in a few weeks. We are just spectators, though. Thanks for sharing yours!

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