Friday Update

Last Saturday afternoon the sun came out long enough for me to snap a few pictures.

Sunday J and I wanted to move yearlings around.  We waited all day for the rain to stop.  Finally a little after 6: 00 pm we were able to take a 4-wheeler ride and move cattle. 

After getting the replacement heifers moved and counted; we also moved the yearling steers and spay heifers.  Roxie is proving to be a HUGE asset when moving cattle.  J has her trained better than me!  J mentions something about me being to opinionated and not listening very well.  I don’t know what he is talking about!

It was a beautiful evening to move cattle.  I had to take advantage and share pictures of the landscape.

The small pasture we moved the replacement heifers into has an abandoned farm stead.  The way the evening sun came through the trees and shone on the old house, in combination with the passing storm clouds, was neat.

Wednesday was a nice day.  J and the crew worked the last bunch of calves and moved one group of pairs to grass.  When I got home from work I climbed on the mower and spiffed up the yard. 

J is going to move another bunch of pairs to summer grass this morning and we want to trail the last bunch early Saturday morning.  Hope to get this all done before the rain returns.   

Do you have cattle moved to summer pasture?  Do you have plans to celebrate Memorial Day?

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4 Responses to Friday Update

  1. Lynn says:

    no cattle moved to summer pasture, except replacement hfrs. Can’t go to summer pasture until we AI the cows

    and yes, we were going to the lake for Memorial Day, but looks like the weather is going to put a stop on that plan!

    enjoy your blog! You do a great job!!!!!!

    • Robyn says:

      We got the last group of pairs moved this morning. It was a brisk 4-wheeler ride in the wind.

      Sounds like major rain coming our way on Sunday night! You will have to set up spot lights in the cabin to simulate a sunny day or stay home and snuggle with your Grandson.

  2. Lana says:

    Well, If you count moving them to the pasture on the east side of our house, then consider ours moved 😉 Usually they are west and south of the house, and I don’t see them much. It’s nice to be able to sit out in the sun room and watch them chase after each other.

    We will probably be low-key this weekend. Thinking about taking the girls hiking at a state park south of us. If we go, I am sure there will be pictures. Stay tuned! 😉

    Is there a way to follow your blog or get your feed via e-mail? I’m not seeing it on your page, and I am terrible about remembering to check back without any reminders as to where I have been!

    • Robyn says:

      Low-key weekends make for relaxation and fun! Right now I have a page on Face Book. For regular updates “like” The Ranch Wife Chronicles. I post there every time I update my blog. Thanks for reading, Lana!

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