Friday … That Pretty Much Sums It Up

Happy Friday!

I realize that it has only been a 4 day work in town week, but it has been a long one.  Maybe, I am just excited for a few quite days at home.  I had 2 very fun weekends traveling and feel the need to catch up.

Flower from Miss J’s yard.

I have a pile of laundry that I have been ignoring.  I want to hang clothes out on the line and don’t seem to get them washed before I leave for work.  I predict the days are numbered for hanging out laundry and I want to take full advantage of “sun kissed” clothes while I still can.

I am also working on some recipe blog posts for next week.  I have not made pizza forever!  Sounds like a treat for the Hubby and me.  Check in on Tuesday for Chocolate Oat Squares.  These bars are a favorite at our house!

Miss J has a pumpkin patch!

J and his Dad have been hauling hay like crazy and B has been on the cow trail checking cattle.  Next week will be busy as we are shipping yearlings and preconditioning calves.

I never mentioned that I bought 10 pullets; they were delivered August 20th.  I am anxiously waiting my first pullet egg.  Last night I was excited about the possibility of a pullet egg, but it was a false alarm.

New Hens

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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2 Responses to Friday … That Pretty Much Sums It Up

  1. Millie says:

    Sounds like you’ve been busy. That chocolate oat square sounds yummy. Hope you get a pullet egg soon. It will be a while before my baby girls start laying.

    • Robyn says:

      Make sure to come back on Tuesday for the recipe! Last night and got some fun candids of the chickens; they are so fun to watch. The new hens are Silver sex-linked and their color is neat.

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