First Calf Heifers Pairs

I’m keeping it short and simple today. We are half done calving heifers! Here are a few pictures from my “office.”

March 14

March 14

March 14

March 14

March 14

March 14

Happy Monday!

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6 Responses to First Calf Heifers Pairs

  1. Alica says:

    I just love their sweet little (?) black faces!!

  2. Darcy says:

    Woooo HOOOO!!! 🙂 That’s a great feeling. Good luck with the second half.

  3. CountryMum says:

    You have a very beautiful office!!

  4. Pam Galindo says:

    I love those precious calves……I’d love to hug them but I’m guessing the mama might not like me to do that !!!

  5. Kim says:

    You can’t go wrong keeping it simple with faces like that! Continued good luck with calving!

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