Few Words Friday – Herefords

Last Sunday we worked cattle at the neighbors.  They raise registered Herefords and sell Horned Hereford bulls.

Gathering cattle on a foggy morning.


The day started out early and foggy.  By the time the cows were through he chute we were shedding our outer layers and soaking up some spring South Dakota sun.


Cows sorted off and ready to go through the chute.


This morning at 6:00 the rain gauge had 1.30″ in it.  It is still raining.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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6 Responses to Few Words Friday – Herefords

  1. Kim says:

    Those hereford babies are so cute! I am enjoying your blog and would love to swap lists of books about WWII! Shoot me an email and we’ll compare notes.

  2. My grandpa started with Herefords in 1940 and today we are still raising them. However, ours are Polled Herefords…no horns for us. Beautiful photos. Herefords are my favorite cows. 🙂

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks Katie. It was fun to take picts of something non-black. I am still mesmerized by all the horns. A lot of older ranchers want to see horns on their Hereford bulls. Our neighbors that raise the bulls even use horn weights. I have not gotten in on the weighting process though.

  3. Joe Klein says:

    Herefords are cool.

    Didn’t J send me an email on how to treat a Hereford in the pasture?

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