Fence Side Yearlings

I have lived 99% of my life “in the country.”  The only time I lived in town was when I attended SDSU and for a few months after I graduated from college.

I like the peacefulness and quite that rural living offers.  I like the freedom and space.

Sometimes, it would be nice to live a little closer to town.  Mostly on nights when I don’t feel like cooking.  J and I joke about running out to get a quick bite or calling delivery.

I am not a big one for convenience or luxury type items.  I never had a dishwasher until I went to college.  My Mom and Sister still don’t.  I have been without my dishwasher for a week and a half.

I have to admit, I like the convenience and luxury of a dishwasher.  Currently all I see are dishes to be washed and/or dishes to be put away.  It’s a never-ending cycle.

Earlier this week I was reminded about the importance of friends, laughter and sharing.  Simple and fun conversations with co-workers is good for the soul.  So is a trip to the beauty shop.

I am thankful for the simple joys I have been blessed with.


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21 Responses to Fence Side Yearlings

  1. I lived without a dishwasher for many years. When we got this house, I was thrilled for my dishwasher. Oh what a nice thing a dishwasher is!

  2. Judy says:

    Since we moved here to Southwest Wisconsin I’ve been without a dishwasher and I have to say I really don’t mind. I totally understand what you mean about getting a quick bite to eat. That was the one thing we had a hard time getting used to, after having lived our whole life in a very populated area where restaurants of any kind were at our fingertips, and now having to drive miles to the nearest restaurant was something to get used to. We don’t go out to eat much but like you said, “when you just don’t feel like cooking”. 🙂

  3. Tricia says:

    Look at those faces! Great shots =)

    • Robyn says:

      Thank You, Tricia!
      I see something in the window too. Neat edits of the old house; I like the first one the best.

  4. Yea…the only thing we can get delivered here is fuel and fertilizer!! I much prefer the simple side of life~

  5. LindaG says:

    Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. :o)

  6. Micky Burch says:

    I don’t even have the option of getting a dishwasher…no where to put it in my 110-year-old house! And you’re right about beauty shops…I’ll go a year without getting my hair cut, but the eyebrows are a must just feel like a female!

  7. Candy C. says:

    Love the pics of the yearlings, especially the sepia tones! 🙂
    I know what you mean about not being able to get even a pizza delivered! LOL!!

  8. Such a sweet post, Robyn. I feel the same way — I don’t think I could live in town now, I’m too spoiled! 🙂

  9. Beth - VA says:

    i’ve never lived in the city. can not imagine doing so. that would very different & loud to me. i love the quiet country life. so much fun. great views of the cows & fence. (:

  10. Barb says:

    I like the pictures of the yearlings looking through the fence, especially the last one. How many do you have?

  11. Tanya says:

    oh yes….i really, really, really appreciate my dishwasher! love the pics!

    • Robyn says:

      Thank You Tanya! I check your blog often and enjoy your work. I can’t leave comments with openid, I have tried and tried without luck.

  12. Calling by as another Friday Fences participant, interesting compositions, cute faces they have.

  13. EG CameraGirl , Canada says:

    I have lived both in town (usually on the edges for some reason) and in the country. Country life is the best!!

  14. Janis says:

    Yep…there is much to be said about the simple way of life! I think it is good for the soul to take in the quiet beauty around you! While I am used to many conveniences…I think in my heart, I am a country girl!

  15. dianne says:

    I love that guy getting his face into the shot in the 2nd pic!!

    I think simple is good
    I’ve never had a dishwasher and that’s fine but I couldn’t do without takeout

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