February Melt and Other Things

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s is more than a romantic occasion. I think it’s a day to send a greeting of appreciation. A small thing to let the special people in your life know that you love them. Love comes in many forms, the strong bond of family and friendship is just as important as that of romance. May you find love and peace in the everyday people who fill your life and activities that you do.

The weather was interesting this week. We got a little snow Monday night, making for frosty scenery Tuesday morn. I love the contrast between frost covered trees and an optimistic blue sky.

Wednesday and Thursday continued with typical cold February temperatures.

J and I transferred corn last week. J did some snow blowing in the cattle corrals and I did a little baking.

Friday morning it was 44* when we went out to chore! Yes, you read that right 44*. Twenty-four hours previous, it was 11*.

The temperatures have remained in the upper 30’s to mid 40’s. This place is a muddy mess! Snow is melting, ice is thawing and it’s mucky. From the looks of the prairie most of the snow is soaking in. Nothing soaks up moisture like a dry prairie.

Friday we ran the bulls in to pour them. Since we had the ole guys caught we gave them their hoof-rot shot too.  The bulls behaved themselves pretty good. It was a great project for a warm February morning.

If you are looking for some good beef industry reading, CALF News has several excellent articles this month. In Chuteside Manner (page 20-21) Mom talks about Evaluating Disposition. She names several research projects about cows, feedlot cattle and the whorl.

Mom also gives a report on the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Convention and finds Really Exceptional Beef in one of her local small towns.

Kelsey Pope writes about the Farmers Veterans Coalition and the Homegrown by Heroes program in her piece Coalition Supports Veterans Returning to the Farm and Ranch (article starts on page 24). This is a specific labeling program that supports and promotes veterans involved in farming, ranching, fishing and agriculture products. This is a good article about military heroes feeding America and how we can support them.

Blaine Davis’s article Beef The Real Truth (page 36-37) is a good reminder of statistics behind the product we are producing and the advancements we’ve made over the years.

If you are in need of some light and entertaining reading The Mutual Admiration Society by Lesley Kagan is the book for you! Told from the overly imaginative perspective of a wise for her age 11 year old, this book is sure to keep a smile on your face.

Several years ago I read A Girl named Zippy, by Haven Kimmel. Tessie in the fore mentioned book has a similar zealous personality and wit as Zippy.

The weather outlook this week is awesome; they are talking temperatures in the 40’s. Sounds like the Rancher wants to do a little prep work for calving heifers. We need to bed the calving barn and go through the tack room.

Is it calving season at your ranch? How do you prepare for calving season, inside the house and out in the barn?

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  1. Kim's County Line says:

    Those frosty, blue-skied images are beautiful! While I’m sure it’s a mess with everything thawing, I’m sure you also appreciate the moisture.

    Our cows are now calving. We have 3/4 of the heifers done. Randy was hoping for a whole lot of babies on Saturday, when it was nearly 70 degrees. We had a couple. It’s more seasonable temps today. It’s been a roller coaster. We really haven’t had snow this winter (which I probably shouldn’t tell you)!

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