Favorite Bars

There are many names and a few variations for these bars: Special K Bars, Chocolate Scotcheroos, Super Rice Krispie Bars, etc.  No matter what they are called they are one of J’s most favorites.  They must be on everyone’s favorite list because I have never seen anyone take home leftovers from a potluck.

 They are known as Special K Bars at our house.

Prepare 11 X 7 ½ well greased Pyrex ware.  I do mean grease well, you will be sorry if you don’t!  Trust me, it is not fun if you forget to spray the Pyrex or don’t spray it well enough.

Add 4 C Corn Flakes, Special K Cereal or Rice Krispies to the Pyrex.  Sometimes, I even use Chex Cereal. 

Corn Flakes

Boil together:

¾ C Sugar

¾ C White Corn Syrup


¾ C Peanut Butter

Sticky Goodness

Pour mixture over Corn Flakes, mix and press into well greased Pyrex.  Mixture will be very HOT!

 Melt together:

6 oz (1 C) Chocolate Chips

3 oz (1/2 C) Butterscotch Chips

Spread over corn flake mixture.

 Enjoy the twinkle in your husband’s eye; then ask to be taken out for steak!

What is your family’s favorite bar or your potluck go

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