Farming and cattle work make for a busy weekend.

Life on our ranch is CRAZY right now!  Last Wednesday J got in the field and started farming.  T (J’s Dad) works the ground ahead of J, who runs the planter.  B (J’s Mom)  does all the other things that need done so the guys can concentrate on getting the crop in.  I lend a helping hand where needed after I get home from working in town and on the weekends.

Thursday and Friday afternoon J planted wheat.  Friday morning and early afternoon J and his folks were over at J’s cousin’s ranch branding calves. 

Fresh seeded wheat field.


Saturday I did chores w/ T and B while J went to help a neighbor brand calves.  Seeding of haybet barley got started. 

I  did some baking after chores.  My freezer was empty of muffins and I needed to re-stock.  In the afternoon I mowed the lawn.  I have a big lawn to mow and was dragging my feet.  Once I got started and in the mowing grove, I enjoyed it.  It is always fun to look back at the yard and notice how nice my little park looks.  We take a lot of pride in our ranch and keep things looking fresh.

East of the house, pre-mowing.


East of the house, post mowing.


This time of year we spent a lot of time chasing yearlings.  The curious animals are always jumping the fence for greener grass.  Sunday morning we decided to take the steers and turn them out!  We were going to spay heifers April 30th, but had to cancel because of extreme wind and snowy conditions.  Now, we are waiting to get another appointment lined up.

Yearling steers out to grass!


Yearling heifers to spay eyeballing the fence.


We turned the replacement heifers out into the winter pasture.  This was a good idea until J started farming; some of the farming is in the winter pasture.  The farming equipment and newly turned dirt were too much for the replacement heifers.  Sunday afternoon we had to round them up and bring them into the tree patches east of the house.

Trailing home replacement heifers.


In other ranch news:

J’s sister and her husband came to visit for Mother’s Day weekend and we went to town for the Mother’s Day buffet.

On Sunday morning when I went to tend the chickens one of my old hens had died; not a surprise.  What was disappointing is that J found one of the new chickens dead.  We are not sure what happened, but Roxie is getting the blame.  Roxie may not have directly killed the hen, but she probably indirectly had a paw in the deal.

The cows are still calving.  Slowly.

Molly bath did not get checked off my weekend to-do list.

The weather man is calling for rain. 

What is going on at your ranch or farm?

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  1. Kari Sanders says:

    We bought 8 chicks 10 days ago to take to the animal day held at the Hot Springs Elementary School, but something got into the chicken house and ate them. Megan discovered them and we are blaming a cat of ours.

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