Easy to Please

We survived all the busyness of the week … so far!  This morning we got to do chores at the regular time.

Jan 10

This afternoon’s project is to batten down the hatches for a winter storm.  We have a major storm front moving in tonight through Friday night.  Wind and several inches of snow are predicted.

When we have extreme winter weather it’s important to make sure the cattle are well cared for.  This afternoon we will get the calves in and keep them close to the buildings.  This will prevent them from drifting with the wind and getting lost in the snow.  We will also put out their morning feed to simplify chores.  Who knows what kind of drifts we could have in the morning and what other types of issues will arise do to the weather.

Snow and wind make a lot of extra work for us, but we are glad to get some much-needed moisture.

Jan 10

Yesterday my leaky kitchen faucet decided to quit running hot water.  J asked me if I noticed the hot water not working before yesterday.  I said between house cleaning and dishes I had no lack of hot water this week.  J replaced the faucet with a little help from me.  Jan 10

In return for J fixing the faucet, I made him Pecan Pie.  It was my first Pecan Pie!  When I came back from my walk I see a sliver was missing.  J said the pie tastes good, but was on the fence about my crust.  I’m not sure what the deal with this crust recipe is.  I use the same recipe; sometimes it’s really good and other times it’s just ok.  I am open for suggestions or your best crust recipe.

Jan 10

Monday J’s Mom’s mouse quit, so I loaned her my mouse.  When I plugged the mouse back into my computer it was a no-go.  I think the mouse had been acting up and died.  J thinks I bent the little prongs that plug it in to the computer.  I accidentally bent them a few months ago and J was able to fix it.  No fixing this time.  J found a wireless mouse … no mouse cord it’s great!  The new mouse is quiet and has a few cool features that our 9-year-old mouse didn’t have.  I think it’s a keeper.

As you can tell I am delighted with simple things.  A non-leaky kitchen faucet, Pecan Pie and a new mouse.  How lucky can one get?

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6 Responses to Easy to Please

  1. Buttons says:

    🙂 simple things you said it all. Hug B

  2. emily says:

    Sometimes, it is just the simple things 🙂 Good luck with the storm, we’ve had rain for 24 hours, but the temps are in the 40s today. Tomorrow, looks much worse, freezing temps and snow, so the roads are going to be a mess!

  3. J. Rhoades says:

    It’s the little things that make life worth living! Glad to hear you had a good week – I’m jealous you get to see your cattle so much now, I’m lucky if I see mine once a week!

  4. Cattle are wise… huddling together in the cold.

  5. Kari Sanders says:


    I started using lard to make my pie crusts. They always turn out.


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