Doggy Drama

A pet is an animal kept for a person’s enjoyment.  Pets are known for their loyal and humorous characteristics.

A companion animal accompanies or shares time with an owner; a friend, buddy or shadow.  Research shows that companion animals provide their owners with health benefits.  Stress relief is one such advantage.

Please note that I did say stress relief for the pet owner.  A companion animal may not always provide stress relief for the pet owner’s spouse.  At our house I have a dog, Molly, and J has a dog, Roxie.  When a dog makes a mess, said dog’s owner cleans it up.  I think Clorox wipes are a great thing!

A working dog is an animal that is more than simply a pet.  A working dog learns and performs tasks to assist its human trainer.  They are bred for their ability to perform specific tasks.

Drama is defined as a real-life situation that is particularly exciting or emotionally involving.  Dramatic circumstances can be tense attention-grabbing events.

Yes, this is Roxie in Molly’s bed!  After laughing out loud I grabbed the camera.  You know, you would have done the same thing.

As you can see Roxie was not pleased with my idea.  She is just a little discomfited.  Poor Roxie, I took pictures anyway.

This is a reoccurring thing at our house.  To be honest, Molly handles the situation quite well.  Most of the time she turns, walks away and jumps on my lap.  Or, she goes to her other bed in the living room.  Yes, she has two beds.  Life is hard when you are a spoiled little dog.

The girls are learning to share.  In the evening I put out dog food and expect them to eat together.  When I hear a little growling and snarling I let them hash it out themselves.  Big dog eats what she wants and little dog eats what’s left over.  It’s when the growling is followed by a bark and a crash that I must get involved.  These two can get a little rough playing in the small entry.  If I had a annoying little dog trying to pick a fight with me I might snarl too.

So far no casualties, a little embarrassment and laughter.  Maybe someday these two friends will learn to share in harmony.  Then again, maybe they have more fun grabbing and growling at each other. 


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4 Responses to Doggy Drama

  1. Candy C. says:

    Those pictures of Roxie trying to fit into Molly’s bed are hilarious!! 🙂

    • Robyn says:

      I just had to share them. It was just to funny to keep to ourselves! J has Roxie broke of the habit; it was fun while it lasted.

  2. Teresa says:

    Beautiful dogs! I must say around here it’s cat drama. They hiss and slap each other with the food bowl between them. Annoying really.

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks Teresa. We enjoy both Molly and Roxie for who they are. Our cats are barn cats only. They are pretty much wild mousers. I am sure you have some goat drama every now and again!

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