Different, But The Same

This is National Ag Week; National Ag Day was March 25th. Your’s truly didn’t realize it was Ag Day. Many bloggers wrote a special Ag Day post; make sure you check out one of these stories:

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March 27

One of my favorite things… healthy baby calves and those with milk on their face. The cows are just starting to calf. The last week we have been getting one or two new babies everyday.

March 27

A few plans for the rest of the week… Outside: Chores and checking cows. Inside: I might need to work on a little house cleaning and laundry.

March 27

A peek into my day… includes chores and keeping up with the Rancher. Wednesday we got our little electric fence project done in the morning and tackled cleaning the calving barn after dinner. It felt good to enjoy a balmy 43* day working outside.

March 27

With the cows in the calving pasture and having babies our schedule changes. At day break (6:00-6:30) J and I go out to tag calves born over night, then we come in to eat breakfast and head back out to chore. In the afternoon we will take out pairs and tag new babies. We check cows throughout the day and work on projects. After supper we head out at to check cows and tag again. Relax, rest and repeat!

The last couple days have been beautiful and sounds like the weekend will be in the upper 50’s maybe 60’s. I hope spring is on its way!

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8 Responses to Different, But The Same

  1. Buttons says:

    Oh sounds warm I am waiting for those days here. Calving should start any day now according to the signs:) Great shots be careful. Take care Hug B

  2. Sounds very exciting, interesting, and busy all the same! I bet it’s kind of great to see all the new calves, new life, new hopes.

    I would love the 50-60 degree weather; bring it on 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    What busy days (and nights) you must be having with the calving. How many babies will there be?

  4. Sounds like spring may be on it’s way to you. You do seem very busy with the new calves. They have such cute little faces.

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh all those adorable calves. How exciting!

  6. abrianna says:

    I miss seeing all the kids and ewes being born at this time of year as well as the calves. Hope you have a wonderful and easy calving season.

  7. Such a busy time for you and J, Robyn! How rewarding it must be each time a new calf is born healthy. Love the shots. xo

  8. Diane says:

    I did not know there was an Arg day! Your days sound so busy. Hopefully spring will get here soon.

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