December: Week 2

I took things pretty easy last week trying to get over my head cold. I still did chores, but didn’t push myself in the afternoon. I’m feeling much better and so far J has escaped catching it. Thursday I did a crafty project and I’ve been working on a few holiday tasks.

December 9

Saturday morn we got chores done early and headed to Motorcycle City. We went to the household auction of a family friend. I think it’s fun to search for treasures and see what items bring.

In the afternoon I participated in Jodene Shaw’s Building Blocks mixed media art class. It amazed me how focused each individual was as they worked on their own piece. At the same time, the atmosphere was light, encouraging and fun. I found it interesting that there were several art teachers, or former art teachers, in the class too. Life long learning and creativity… I’m a firm believer! Jodene and I are working on a blog post about the class; look for it on Saturday.

December 9

This week is filling up fast. Yesterday, I had an appointment in North Dakota border town. Wednesday we are running our bred heifers through the chute and working Cousin T’s on Friday. There may be a parts run later in the week and the Rancher has a fencing job he wants to tackle if the weather stays nice and time permits.

The forecast shows continued good weather. I hope it’s right; I could get used to winter temperatures in the 30’s.

December 9

For those of my friends and fellow bloggers attending the National Finals Rodeo, I hope you have a fabulous time in Las Vegas.

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2 Responses to December: Week 2

  1. So glad you are feeling better and your art class sounds like it was quite a success. Yes, life-long learning continues, keeps me on my toes!! Absolutely love that first photo!!

  2. Kim says:

    Kinley & Jill shared with Randy. I took him to the doctor today. This evening, I’m feeling like I might not escape the “plague.” I love the first two photos! One looks like I could take it around here, but the second one definitely doesn’t! Hope you continue to feel better, Robyn!

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