Critters That I’ve Seen

One of the perks of ranch wife life is the abundance of life around me. Animal life, plant life, family and friends. Today I’m sharing pictures of different critters that I’ve seen at home and on my recent travels.

Mom and Dad have a lot of toads around their place. The dogs like to bark at them, the Grandson likes to chase them, but I prefer to photograph them.

Last Monday, June 26th, J and I ran the replacement heifers through the chute to fly tag them. We also pulled the bulls off. I lead the girls with the cake wagon while J and Rosie kept them moving along. In the corrals, I worked the back and kept the heifers moved forward in the alleyway while J did the tagging. Afterwards, we took them to the “Windmill pasture.” I enjoy ranch tasks like this.

Late Monday afternoon, J and I moved the pairs at home. While waiting for the cattle to settle J and I saw the little guy below. The bird must have hatched shortly before we saw it. I did see the mother near by and hope she found a safe place for her young.

While checking cattle on Monday, J found the neighbors big red bull in with our cows. Tuesday morning we gathered our bulls and turned them out with the cows. It was a couple of days early, but apparently mother nature thought it was time.

The neighbor was gathering his big red bull when we turned bulls out. J and I stopped to visit and I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of his cattle working dog. The guy pictured below is about a year and a half and learning to work cattle with his sire.

The rest of Tuesday J spent in the shop and I was in the kitchen. J’s folks along with his brother and his family came out for a visit. I grilled burgers and hot dogs with all the fixings for supper.

J crawled back in the swather Wednesday morning. He spent 3/4th of the day cutting and his brother finished out the day and field. We felt optimistic about this field as it looked better than most of the other fields we h already hayed.

As J was swathing, I did a few odd jobs he needed done. I also baked up the spotted bananas sitting on my counter, edited pictures and did some reading. I finished reading another World War II story, Beneath the Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan. It’s excellent.

The geese pictured blow were in the park along the Waco Suspension Bridge.

Thursday morning we woke to the sound of rain! We ended up with .41″. Even though the hay got rained on, we were happy to see a dab of moisture.

Our visitors returned to Motorcycle City, J made a trip to small town and I baked up the rest of the bananas.

The Muddy Creek runs through Dad and Mom’s ranch. Dad has a hay field right along the creek and spotted this snapping turtle while we were checking hay. We think she came out of the creek to lay eggs.

Friday morning J and I checked cattle at home and the oldest group of pairs. Between the rain and cool temperatures the hay was not ready to bale and that was no surprise. J decided to go to Motorcycle City to spend more time with his brother and family.

The ducks pictured blow were in the stream that was part of the Myriad Botanical Gardens.

The sad news of the week was our neighbor passed away. Last week I mentioned that J and I went to a 70th wedding anniversary party, the groom is our friend that passed. I keep thinking that he did so in style. Family, friends and neighbors will remember Herman from the last time we saw him. He was in a mood of in celebration, with a good mind and feeling ok. His funeral was Saturday morning.

Late Saturday afternoon we got hay equipment moved to the field and J made a few bales. Since J and I took most of Saturday off, we worked on Sunday. We got the hay rolled up and moved back home with equipment. We were happy with the bale count and feel caught up again.

Mom’s West Highland Terrier, Riley, is always a treat. He is a cuddler and photogenic. I will share that he was rather leery of me after Mom and I trimmed his toe nails. Luckily I captured a few shots before the toe trimming.

I hope all of you have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

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8 Responses to Critters That I’ve Seen

  1. Cora Brown says:

    I so enjoy reading your posts. I am so glad you and Jim found each other. You are a gem. Much love, Cora.

  2. Kim's County Line says:

    I’m glad you got a little moisture. I hope it’s just the prelude to more. I enjoyed seeing the creatures who’ve moved through your life in the past few weeks. It made me think of the line in the hymn, “All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all!”

  3. Alica says:

    What a cute cattle dog! It always amazes me how they can learn what to do with a herd of cattle. Our dog just barks and chases!

  4. Pamela Galindo says:

    I sure enjoy reading every word you write and so happy you share your life. I enjoy your photography, too. I haven’t posted lately, although, I have been reading. My New Jersey daughter came home for a visit and we were happy that she stay for two weeks….unfortunately, she had to endure temps up to 111 degrees….it should cool down tomorrow to 103. Not a drop of rain here in the valley, but there was one day of rain in the nearby mountains. What a wonderful long life your neighbor had and glad that you have such nice memories of him. Take care, PAM

    • Robyn says:

      I’m glad to hear that your daughter could come to visit and stay for a while. I know the importance simply being at home with Mom and Dad.

      The rain has been very spotty in these parts. Our biggest rain of the week was .07″. We have talked to several people in our area that have received anywhere between .45″- and inch of rain in the same time frame. Monday J’s cousin got .45″ and we got next to nothing. The neighbor that lives 3 miles north of us got .20″ two nights ago and we got .03″. Apparently we have not been under the right cloud.

      This week has been hot with temperatures in the upper 90’s and today triple digits. J and I have been out and about in the mornings and laying low in the afternoons. We are thankful that there have not been any fires in our neighborhood and few fires in the area.

      I hope you, and us, get some much needed rain soon.

      Thanks for reading and stay cool in the heat.

  5. I also enjoy your posts and the beautiful photos. It’s magic when a photo can tell the life of a farmer or rancher!! Happy 4th of July!!

  6. Brig says:

    Sounds like you all have been busy!
    The book club that I belong to had, Beneath the Scarlet Sky as the book for last month. We all really enjoyed it. What an amazing young man.
    We have had triple digits for days, and are looking at another week of the same. I do yard work early early morning and in the late evenings. Getting too old for this heat.
    Riley, reminds me of Fergus, my scotty. Sure miss that little rascal.

    • Robyn says:

      I love a good book and World War II era novels are some of my favorites.

      It’s hot here as well. Yes, work outside in the morning and try to keep cool in the afternoons. I’m glad we can enjoy a cool down to start and finish the day.

      Take care and be safe in the heat.

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