Crazy Woman Canyon

Last week’s blog post was about the trip Amy and I took to the Bighorn National Forest and our hike along Seven Brothers Trail.

The pictures on today’s posts are from Crazy Woman Canyon. We drove up the canyon on Saturday September 17th on our way to find the Muddy Guard Cabin. It was a picturesque way for two amateur photographers to start a girls weekend.

October 3

Last week J and I did lots of different things. Sunday afternoon J helped Cousin T ultrasound replacement heifers. Monday he made a trip to the Hills for supplies.

One of our next projects is to replace the cattle guard (also known as an auto-gate) closest to the house as the young cows like to jump over it and explore our yard. J picked up the new cattle guard and more posts for building corners.

October 3

I spent Monday at home getting ready for the visitor we had coming later in the week.

Tuesday we put up half a mile of new fence. The week before I went out and pulled the wires off the posts and Saturday the 24th we rolled up the old barbed and woven wires. Things were going good so we kept working and pulled the posts by hand. I should mention that Friday September 23rd we got 1.30″ of rain! The ground was soft and it was easy post to pull the posts. It took us all of Tuesday to push in steel posts, set 3 wood posts and string four new wires of fence.

October 3

J spent half of Wednesday in his monthly FSA Board Meeting. I did a little last-minute cleaning and laundry before my Dad showed up. Mid-afternoon J and Dad delivered our beef to be harvested and made a parts run. I delivered eggs and ran errands in Small Town.

October 3

J, Dad and I spent Thursday checking and looking at cattle. It was fun to do one of my favorite activities with the man who taught me about livestock and the man I raise cattle with.

Friday morning Dad headed the pickup south. J and I did a little fencing and moved the replacement heifers to fresh grazing. We also worked on another fencing project. J and I removed an old hay coral that J’s grandpa built. The hay coral has not been used for many years and was in poor shape. A small project that makes a much-needed improvement, another one of my favorite things.

October 3

Saturday I attended the Rural Women in America Conference. I have been wanting to attend this conference for many years. I haven’t made it to Bowman, ND as Rural Women in America is usually the Saturday after South Dakota Women In Ag. This year the two conferences were on different weekends.

October 3

The three primary speakers were excellent. Marji Guyler-Alaniz is the founder and president of FarmHer. Marji’s idea is to update the image of agriculture by sharing the female side of farming and ranching. She also has a passion for reaching out to young women and does this through her GROW Events.

Jessie Veeder grew up on a ranch near the northwest North Dakota badlands. She is raising her daughter on this same ranch while pursuing her passion for music and writing for several publications. Jessie writes and sings about her experiences and mishaps in everyday life. She is charming, humorous and has genuine talents.

October 3

The motivational speaker for the event was Anne Mahlum. Anne was born and raised in Bismark, North Dakota; she has over come several life challenges. After identifying her true self she has turned to helping others. Anne helps others step out of their comfort zone, addiction or challenges to learn to love themselves and create a meaningful life. She is the founder of the nonprofit Back On My Feet. Her current project is [solidcore], a boutique fitness company.

October 3

A week of work, fun and a new adventure. It sounds like we have moisture headed our way. That will determine what kind of projects J decides to attack this week. Thursday I head to Key Stone, SD for our South Dakota Women In Ag conference!

Have you attended a Women In Ag type of conference? If so, please share the conference you have attended and the speaker or breakout session that you enjoyed the most.

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2 Responses to Crazy Woman Canyon

  1. Kim says:

    I like your first photo the best! It sounds as though you’ve had a busy week. I have not attended a Women in Ag event. (It’s out of my comfort zone, though I know I should do it.)

    I hope we get some of that moisture this week. We have some chances, but we also have chances for severe storms. We’d just like a nice gentle rain. It’s way too windy today, especially with trying to plant wheat.

  2. CountryMum says:

    Women in Ag events are only just starting here. I have been to a couple within our local area, and there are more events in the planning which is wonderful.

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