Checking Yearlings

Last week J sent me to count yearlings and take out salt/mineral. Here are a few pictures of our replacement heifers, steers and spay heifers.

July 15

Thursday evening J got done cutting oats and the first field of forage winter wheat. J’s Dad and I got done raking and baling the creek bottoms and moved back home. Friday morning J did a little odd ball cutting around hay corrals.

In the afternoon J and his folks went to the eastern edge of South Dakota for an extended family reunion. J’s Great Great Grandfather and two of his brothers moved to Minnesota then homesteaded in South Dakota from New Brunswick, Canada. This was a gathering of the families of these three brothers. J said it was neat to meet relatives, learn more about his family history and visit the original homestead site.

July 15

I held the fort down and did little animal chores. I have two bum calves to feed, in addition to the chickens, dogs and barn cats.

I used the quite weekend to work on a couple of projects. I found two more terra cotta pots. Yes, I painted them. I think these are the last of the pots. I do have a few saucers. Something makes me think they would make good candle holders.

I also painted an old milk bucket. I have a few touch ups to do and hope to get that done today.

I am caught up on picture editing, tried to think ahead on meals for this week and did NOT do house work or laundry!

July 15

J and his Dad were in a toot to get back to haying Sunday afternoon. J cut more wheat and T started baling oats. This field was too much for the rake so he just baled it.

Monday T finished the first oat field and I teamed up with him to rake the second oat field and first field of wheat. J and his Mom cut the next field of wheat and dealt with a few odd cattle tasks.

July 15

Current Reads: I can’t remember if I mentioned that I joined an on-line book club. Thanks to Miss Kelly’s suggestion I am reading along with Housewives of Rural America. Our current book is Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik. The Rural Housewives came up with a list of 4 or 5 books and we voted on the second reading choice. I did not vote for this book. I wasn’t impressed with the title and the book description didn’t peak my curiosity. I’m glad for the ladies that voted this read in; I have been hooked since chapter 1. It reminds me of The Girls from Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow.

For my birthday my Aunt/Godmother sent me two devotional books. While raking I have a few minutes of waiting on the baler and started reading Carolyn Larsen’s One Minute Devotion for Women. Starting January 1st each month has a theme and each day has a bible reading and short explanation of how we can use God’s word in our daily lives. I stared on July 1st, back read and am caught up and past July 16th. I am really enjoying this devotional.

July 15

Happy yearlings, sassy replacement heifers, making hay, crafty projects and good reads all in the life of this ranch wife. We have lots of hay left to make. Today J is in the swather and we are waiting for the wheat to dry. When I get my projects finished I will post pictures. I may have to wait until I give them to a few some special people in my life. Fun surprises are good and I don’t want to spoil the fun part.

I have to add that we are having a cool spell. Cool as in yesterday’s high was in the upper 60’s and this morning is a brisk 48*.

What are some of the creative projects you are working on? How is haying going on your ranch?

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9 Responses to Checking Yearlings

  1. Kim says:

    I’ll have to check out the novel recommendation. I’m always looking for good books. It sounds like you had some good quiet time. There’s not much of that around here this week with the county fair starting tomorrow. I’m setting up for 4-H foods judging later this AM after another meeting. I need to mount my open class photos. I think I’m going to have to skip my walk for now, which is too bad because it’s nice and cool. It’s supposed to be cool all day though, so I can’t complain about that! Have a good week, Robyn!

  2. I need to count yearlings and bulls this week too!

  3. Cheri says:

    Nice to do a little home projects. Other then cleaning and laundry!
    Happy yearlings. Your grass looks awesome.
    We have to move heifers again this week. Closer to the corrals. Preg testing on the 28th. Then we start kickin it in to high gear. Sorting steers from heifers. Picking replacements, etc. you know. 🙂 hauling hay. Getting ready for fall/winter.

  4. Myla says:

    I had every intention of participating in the book club this month and it’s just slipped past me! I should see if I can get it done before y’all “meet”? There were several this round I had already read and was pulling for those, but it’s good to know you’re enjoying this one!

  5. Oh I read that book “Angry Housewives” many years ago and actually it was quite good. Delves deep into the lives of a group of housewives that live in a neighborhood. I will have to check out the devotional book. I always enjoy those. I have several in my collection. I have finished 3 books lately, What Alice Forgot…really good, Bittersweet….good, and The Rosie Project….good. Next up, The Girls from Atomic City, The Orphan Train, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Thanks for the pleasant visit!!

  6. Yay for NOT doing laundry or cleaning! I had a couple of those days recently… only it left me with a mountain to catch up with when I was able. 🙂
    Sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend, though the family reunion sounded really interesting, too.

    I happen to have that Lorna Landvik book and haven’t read it! I’ve had it in my stacks for ages (my stacks are extensive) – I’ve read another book by her & had heard this one was good. I’ve never been a member of a book club, but maybe I’ll have to read that one now too. I happen to have just finished “My Name is Mary Sutton” yesterday, and haven’t started into anything else yet.

  7. Sandra says:

    We have our second cutting of hay put up in the barn.
    Weekly trips the the library for summer reading 🙂
    Have to have some down time, right?
    Lovely photos!

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