Cattle, Uncles and a Cat

On my last blog post I mentioned we were getting ready to ultrasound pregnancy check and work the cows. We had a gorgeous morning to be outside. The girls were easy to work as they practically fed themselves up the alleyway. Low stress cattle handling means a good day for the cows and for us.

We ate dinner shortly afternoon and by the time we got back outside there was a chill in the air. No snow on the prairie though.

November 16

J’s folks have been home all week due to ultrasounding and opening weekend of deer hunting. J’s Uncle Doug likes to help out on the ranch and has been here all week too. J and I appreciate his help tamping posts on the continuous fence project. J has a few things to tidy up and that project will be complete.

November 16

With T and Doug here J decided to work on a three-man project Friday afternoon. They set cement railroad ties on the west side of a waterer. There is a small cement pad around the waterer and the ties extend the pad. Now the cattle have more footing when getting a drink. J and I put ties on the east side of the waterer a couple of years ago. This improvement will make a positive difference to one of our main winter water sources.

November 16

Two more of J’s Uncles got here on Friday afternoon. It was a beautiful weekend to be hunting with temperatures in the 60’s! The guys have seen several deer and coyotes. So far, there has been one deer harvested and one skunk exterminated.

November 16

Saturday morning J decided we should give the bred heifers and TLC group (second calvers and old cows) a little cake. I enjoyed the 4-wheeler ride and looking over the cattle. The girls were glad to see the cake wagon.

Due to the nice weather I decided to start working on Grandpa’s dresser. I got it cleaned up and primed. Today I’m going to North Dakota border town and plan to get paint. I’ve decided to distress the dresser. I’ve got a works in progress shelf that was my first attempt at distressing. We’ll see where my creativity leads me; stay tuned for progress reports.

November 16

When we weaned calves the end of October, Mouser disappeared. Whatever his mission was he must have accomplished it as he returned a few days ago. Mouser is back to guarding the house and following me around the yard.

November 16

Between cattle work and hunters J and I haven’t fallen into a routine, but we are close. I like the pattern of chores and projects. As long as the weather stays nice we can continue working on outside stuff. J always has projects in the back of his mind. When the wind is blowing or it’s too cold I can work on inside stuff. This time of year it’s nice as we don’t feel the rush like we do during calving, haying or cattle working seasons.

What type of projects are you working on?

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2 Responses to Cattle, Uncles and a Cat

  1. Alica says:

    What’s the cake wagon? I’m guessing it might be full of dry hay? And how early can you preg check your cattle with ultrasound?

  2. Kim says:

    Randy saw the photo of the “hide and seek cat” on your FB page and wanted to know about it! It caught his eye – big surprise! Hope the routines are falling into place. I am hosting a women’s group here tomorrow, so I need to get upstairs and start cleaning!

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