Cattle, Riley and Guard Animals

Here are a few pictures I took at Mom and Dad’s place.

These are the “big boys” that Dad and Mom have been feeding.  In January, these steers will be shipped to a feedyard and finished.

Dad and Mom also have a group of light steers.  These guys will be run on grass next summer as yearlings.

This is Mom’s West Highland Terrier, Riley!  Riley is a cool, calm, easy going dog.  He likes short walks, 4-Wheeler rides and snuggling.  Riley does not apprecieate his space being invaded by a hyper Boston Terrier and is not a huge fan of Dachshunds.  He is a lap dog that is scared of cattle, but enjoys sheep chores.  Sorry ladies this is a one Woman dog!

Christmas morning I went down to say Hi to our neighbor, T.  T raises sheep.  These are the fat lambs that are ready to sell.

T uses Great Pyrenees dogs to guard his sheep.  Coyotes are plentiful in the area and prey on sheep.

Mom’s guard animal is Daisy.  She is an alpaca crossed with a llama.

Alpacas are herding animals that warn their group about the danger of an intruder.  The warning signal is a sharp, piercing noise that is similar to a high-pitched bray.  Alpacas and llamas attack predators with their front feet or by kicking with their back legs.  They are also known for spiting.

A single male llama is typically used as a guard animal.  A single llama will bond with sheep or goats and become largely protective of lambs.  Multiple llamas tend to bond with each other and disregard the flock.

Thanks for sharing in my Christmas Adventure!

I hope all of you have a great weekend and fun New Year’s Celebration.

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4 Responses to Cattle, Riley and Guard Animals

  1. Kathy says:

    I love reading about the animals and all the things on the ranch.

  2. Candy C. says:

    Great pictures! The Great Pyrs kinda just blend in with the sheep with their coloring. Riley is a cutie pie! I did not know that you could cross an alpaca and a llama; although, when I think about it, why not!

  3. Katie @ An Authentic Life says:

    Love the photos! Thanks for sharing – and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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