Calving Season Routine

Life continues to be busy on the ranch. Last week we did a little cattle switching. We got the number of pairs we need for one of our summer pasture groups and started a second group. The bulls got moved to the west pasture and the yearlings to the bull pasture.

The cows keep calving heavy. We’ve been getting 12-17 calves a day for close to two weeks and are over half done calving.

April 15

During calving season our day goes something like this:

6:00 am (or daybreak): J and I go out to tag babies born over night.

7:30 – Feeding chores:

1. “Drop Bunch” – These are cows that have not calved yet.

2. Yearlings – We are still feeding this group with the feed wagon. Since we moved the cattle we have to haul the feed a little further.

3. Windmill Pasture Pairs – This is the second summer pasture group.

4. East Pasture Pairs – These are the oldest calves and summer pasture group #1.

5. Bulls – The pasture we moved the bulls to has a fair amount of available grazing. We check on them and take them hay or cake a couple of times a week.

After feeding we start moving pairs out of the calving pasture or work on a project.

April 15

After dinner we go out to check cows and tag. Around 2:00 we move more pairs out. We do anther tag and move at 5-5:30. J and I go out for one last check around 7:30 and the cows are on their own over night.

Last week’s projects included cleaning the calving barn, fencing and equipment maintenance. This week we would like to go after oat seed and take a load of cull cows to town.

In between times I try to keep up with skirt work and meals. I squeeze in blogging and a walk too.

April 15

Sunday and Monday mornings were cold; it was in the low 20’s with wind. By afternoon the sun came out and winds went down with highs in the mid 30’s. The weatherman says today will be a gorgeous spring day followed by colder temperatures and possibly snow later this week. I am still bundling up with many layers like it’s January. I don’t mind temperatures in the mid 30’s, it’s the wind that I don’t like. As you can see, Rosie is good with warm, cold, snow, wind or shine!

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10 Responses to Calving Season Routine

  1. Kim says:

    I love the splash of yellow in Rosie’s photo. We only have stragglers left to calve. We did have two new ones yesterday. And we had to move a group in the snow because they kept getting out. There’s always something!

  2. Cheri says:

    When it’s on paper, you guys sound busy. But most every day is busy. Glad to be getting a nights sleep? 🙂
    Always moving cattle. We moved the baby bulls to brand the first calf heifers. Then moved the big bulls so the heifers could go north. Then moved the baby bulls back to their pasture. Today we will move the granny cows closer to the barn to brand their babies!
    Windy and rainy today.

  3. Loretta Beavis says:

    Still calving? How many total are expected?

    Skirt work…very funny.

    …granny cows?

    Y’all got some great ranch jargon. Thank you for the great gusts of real life…a life worth living!

    • Robyn says:


      Glad you get a kick out of ranch jargon and enjoy reading about my life.

      Yes, we are still calving and will be for a few more weeks.

  4. Buttons says:

    Rosie is so beautiful and you are making me tired:) Great shots. Be careful try to rest too. Hug B

  5. Linda R says:

    We have been on the move and have passed many farms on the way and it gets me thinking about you. I was telling my husband about your blog and all the work it takes to run a farm. Such a different life than the city life I am from. Love reading about it..


  6. Sandra says:

    Wow, that is a busy day!
    I hope your calving continues to go well!

  7. emily grace says:

    Thanks for sharing your routine, Robyn. That’s a lot of babies!

    I really enjoy your photography. Have you posted on what you shoot with? I’d love to know your routine in that work, too, if you don’t mind.

    • Robyn says:

      Emily Grace,
      Thanks for the photography compliment; I’m glad you enjoy my pictures.

      I use a Canon Power Shot SX30 IS. I really enjoy it.

      I try to carry my camera with me. I feel I’m more observant and aware of my surroundings when I am looking for a unique shot. I download my pictures, delete the bad ones and edit the good ones on PicMonkey.

      Hope this answers your photography routine question, if not feel free to e-mail me anytime.

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