Calving Heifers

The heifers have been keeping us consistently busy. We haven’t had a big run of calves, but the girls keep peaking away at it.

I captured these two shots on my phone Friday afternoon.

March 9

We had a gorgeous Friday morning to run the cows through the chute. Ashleigh and Roy were here early and the cows worked good. By afternoon the wind came up and we were glad to have the task behind us.

J and I had a surprise visit from my good friend Kari R and her three kiddos. They brought over a chocolate birthday cake and well wishes for this ole gal. We had a fun visit.

Yes, I had a birthday. Another year of age and experience behind me and lots of life and adventures ahead of me. Thank You to all that wished me happy birthday via social media, phone call, text and cards. It always warms my heart that so many people take time to send me a message.

March 9

J and I are really enjoying the more spring like temperatures. It’s nice to have sunshine and warmth for the new calves and for us.

Are you calving or lambing? 

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6 Responses to Calving Heifers

  1. Kim says:

    It does look like good calving weather in your neck of the woods, if your pretty photos are any indication. Wishing you continued good weather and good luck, Robyn!

  2. buttons says:

    Awesome shots. Looks like fantastic weather to calve. Take care. Hug B

  3. Cheri says:

    Beautiful weather. Glad working cows went well. It’s always nice to have good help show up. 🙂
    Our weather has been phenomenal! Flowers popping outta the ground. Calves everywhere! Warm and sunny. 🙂

  4. So glad you had a good birthday. Time does pass quickly, enjoy life to the fullest, I know you do!!

  5. Happy belated birthday, Robyn!
    We have spring temps and a major melt down happening here, and really enjoying it too. It feels amazing after a long winter.
    Wishing you everything wonderful in your next trip around the sun!!

  6. CountryMum says:

    Happy Birthday Robyn. I love your outlook on life “Another year of age and experience behind me and lots of life and adventures ahead of me”. May you enjoy all those adventures!!

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