Calves and House Projects

Last weekend and this week has been more relaxed than the previous.  No winter weather and the cattle work work is wrapped up.  Saturday J and his Dad spent the day at a sale.  Sunday, J and I did chores.  In the afternoon we went for a drive to cake the heifers and a 4-wheeler ride to check cows.  Yesterday, J was gone again.  This time running errands.

As for me, I started working on little nagging house projects that have been on the back of my mind.  You know the out of sight out of mind things behind closed doors.  It feels good to sort, organize and pitch!  I even did some extreme dusting.

Last week I raked the entire yard after the ice storm.  I didn’t have time to haul off my piles of twigs and thought it would be nice to have help.  After chores this morning I attacked the piles myself.  J took out the bigger tree limbs that got damaged and helped me finish my task.  A morning well spent.

Tomorrow the carpenters will be here to work on the bathroom makeover.  I intend to keep working on my previously mentioned house projects and make a salad to take for Thanksgiving dinner.

These are all pictures of the weaned calves.

What little nagging house projects you need work on?


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7 Responses to Calves and House Projects

  1. Buttons says:

    Oh I have so many nagging projects I really have to get those farm books updated and cleaning, always cleaning:)
    Sounds like you have been very productive. B

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh love that first one. You have been busy!

  3. Oh lets see – ironing…scrubbing the floor…little things like that are a constant nag! I need one good day off to finish my little tasks and I would feel much better about my life!

  4. Candy C. says:

    It must have felt good to get the ice storm damage all picked up! 🙂
    I have plans to clean all the baseboards and windowsills while the Farmer’s Market is closed for three weeks at the end of the year. Just one of those things that keeps getting put off!

  5. Lots of work, happy you are n the down side. I have so many to do projects on my list!! thank you for sharing at Sarah’s Wordless Wednesday hop. xo

  6. Bridget D. says:

    Nagging projects…. where do they end? I really need to clean out my craft/scrapbook room. It’s just so easy to shut the door and forget the mess. I have been busy working on Christmas gifts and it sort of looks like a tornado went through it!

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