Branding at Home

After canceling our second branding last Friday we made a go of it yesterday. We had a gorgeous day and fabulous help.

Here are a few pictures from both of the brandings we had at home.


Babies sorted off from their mother’s waiting to get vaccinated, castrated (if applicable), fly tagged and implants for the steers.


For the first branding we got our neighbor Jamie to push calves. Jamie is a jack of many trades and awesome help when we need an extra hand working cattle.


J branded the calves.


My favorite Mechanic caught the head and turned the table.


For our second branding Miss Ashleigh came to help. Nurse by night, ranch hand by day and planning a fall wedding in between. 
May 14

Roy pushed calves; he’s always good for a genuine smile.

May 14

J’s Mom and I decided to go with a grill menu: hamburgers, brats and all the fixings. Baked beans, snickers apple salad, chips with salsa and polish wedding cake. Simple and delicious!
May 14

We have a few new babies to brand and will do so after the last 5 or 6 cows decide to calf.

Today we are headed over to brand at Cousin T’s; unless the rain stops us.

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8 Responses to Branding at Home

  1. Alica says:

    Sounds like a busy day (or two!!) There’s never a lack of things to do on the farm, that’s for sure!
    Is a fly tag (I’m assuming) something that you do for fly control?

  2. Kim says:

    My parents used to brand long, long ago. I enjoyed seeing photos of this process, since it’s a little different than what we do on our farm. My favorite photo is the one of J, where the smoke is swirling around. Good luck with the branding today!

  3. Rancher says:

    We are down to one calf to be born. YAY!!!
    Glad your working went well.
    I am going to have to try that apple salad. It looks yummy!

  4. Madge Bloom says:

    What are fly tags and steer implants?? I’ve copied your salad and cake recipes, yum! Oh and in case you didn’t see my comment on FB, that closeup image of the man branding with the smoke (is that your hubby?) is an award winner, you should enter it in your county fair in the photography section… really, do it!

  5. Sandra says:

    Great shots.
    I was thinking, it is a dirty job, but someones gotta do it 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  6. CountryMum says:

    A very busy couple of days by the look of it with all hands on deck. Great action photos.

  7. Cheri says:

    I love brandings. The noise, the smells, and the big calves! I am the “official” brander! And calf table tipper over. 🙂
    My least favorite, pushing calves! I don’t get kicked, I get my toes stepped on! Lol! I always try to take the little squirrelly ones, then the heifer calves.
    Glad you had a good day.
    And you should enter the photo of J branding. That’s an epic photo.

    • Robyn says:

      You are one tough gal tipping the table. Dad had me brand when I was in high school; now I give a shot and am the “official” cook.
      I’ve had several comments about entering the photo of J branding. I am terrible about printing off my pictures or exhibiting them at the County Fair. I will have to do that this summer.

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