Branding at Cousin T’s

Cousin T branded his first group of calves the afternoon of May 14th and the second group on May 18th. Most of these pictures are from the first day of branding. Our working crew included Janelle (Cousin T’s wife), the Mechanic, J and I along with a neighbor and his son. The second go around Janelle had to work so Ashleigh came to help. The neighbor brought two of his boys to push calves and Janelle’s nephew helped too.

May 28

We have been blessed with more soaking rain. Sunday through Monday afternoon we got 1.20″. It was the perfect opportunity to relax after the busy week we had. I did some much needed baking and filled the freezer with rhubarb muffins. (I harvested rhubarb on Saturday), banana bread, coffee cake and chocolate chip cookies. I am proud to say all the cooking and baking I did before calving season lasted until now.

May 28

No one went to town last week and by Memorial Day the fridge was looking pretty empty. Since the store was closed, J and I went to town on Tuesday. I would say two weeks is our max to go with out a trip to the store. No milk, no fruit, a few veggies and less than a loaf of bread. I will admit to having 12 dozen eggs on hand, another result of not making it to town. We also had several other errands to do.

May 28

Due to things being wet, J had time to help me in the yard. We moved my container garden tractor rims from the front yard to the back. I’m ready for plants!

May 28

Shortly after we were married J decided to get a bow to hunt with; he put up a backstop and target so he could practice. After J sold the bow the backstop has remained standing in the yard. I’ve decided to turn the backstop frame into a flower area. J helped me take the rubber mat down and I’m ready to put my creativity to work. I’ll share the result when I get it completed.

May 28

The chicken coop is clean! Check that off my list.

May 28

Wednesday I had to mow again. Moisture and sunshine sure makes the grass grow; not to  mention the dandelions. I got both yards mowed and mowed around the out buildings. One of these days I need to have J mix up some chemical so I can spray weeds.

J’s Wednesday project was semen testing bulls, he also sorted off cull cows to haul to auction today.

May 28

This morning we are headed out to turn bulls in with the yearling heifers.

We are waiting on the last cow to calf and had two babies yesterday.

May 28

There is always something to do on the ranch. During the busy seasons we focus on the priority in front of us. Between big projects we catch up on tasks that didn’t get done in the midst of a crazy schedule.

This weekend I have a planning meeting for South Dakota Women in Ag and am looking forward to getting off the ranch for a couple of days.

What tasks are you working on at your ranch?

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5 Responses to Branding at Cousin T’s

  1. Darcy says:

    Looks like you had a lot of great help with branding! And can’t wait to see pictures of your flower beds….and you’re not the only one who has spraying to do so don’t feel lonely there. 🙂


    Thanks for all of the postings, Robyn! It is so fun to watch the goings-on of your ranch. We are getting an ample amount of rain as well. Am anxious to see pictures of your flower beds. I think I went overboard this year with flowers. Had to add a few succulents you know!
    – Take care
    -Ginger Goddard Hanten

  3. Cheri says:

    I am impressed that all your pre calving supplies lasted till now!
    We’ve been blessed with timely rains also. I felt like I should have baled the lawn! Lol!

  4. Kim says:

    I need to get motivated and get some things in the freezer for harvest. Our mower has been in the shop for a month. Thankfully, it was under warranty, so they let us borrow one. While that wasn’t too convenient to drive 35 miles one way to pick it up, at least we can still see the house after all the growth from the rains!

  5. Candy C. says:

    Busy, busy, busy!! It’s nice to have so much good help when working the cows. It’s funny to see everyone wearing coats, we finally have summer weather here with temps pushing 100. Hubby bought a second horse and has been having fun getting to know him. I have been getting my container garden going and everything is doing great! Hubby helped me build new tomato cages yesterday using 6″ x 6″ x 5′ concrete wire. They will last for the rest of my life! LOL!!

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