Birthday Wishes and White Faces

This weekend two special ladies are going to celebrate birthdays. One is a fellow blogger and someone I have connected with across the miles. I am regularly inspired by her thoughts, words and photography. She does a great job sharing farm life on her County Line residence in Kansas and she shares some delicious recipes. I’ve made several and they usually get put in my notebook of keepers. Happy Birthday, Kim!

The second is a personal friend of mine. She ranches with her husband raising red cattle and small grains. She is a cancer survivor, grandmother and faithful community member. This lady has a contagious smile and usually a good story to share. In addition, she posts beautiful pictures on Facebook and is discovering her talent for photography. Happy Birthday, Janet J!

 June 25

Outside my window the lawns are mowed and J sprayed too. We seem to have great luck growing dandelions and thought we better get them under control. I pulled the weeds growing around the grain bins. I can’t reach them with the mower and they annoy me. There were a lot of field bindweed (a/k/a creeping jenny, a/k/a morning glories). I remember my Grandma getting very upset when she spotted these not so glorious weeds in her fence line.

 June 25

I was thinking it’s time to share some cattle pictures. Theses were taken during branding last May and still caught my eye. I’m a sucker for white faces!

 June 25

I am thankful for advancements in genetic understanding. The livestock industry, especially the dairy sector, is doing extensive research on chromosomes, DNA, mutations and more. Have you ever heard of haplotypes? Mom’s Chuteside Manner (page 16-17) in CALF News Magazine does a great job explaining how scientists can track nature’s mishaps.

 June 25

I am wearing a farmer’s tan. I have dark arms from short-sleeved shirts, a light tan line due to that one day I wore a tank top and white legs. I see my face has a slight white line created by my ball cap and glasses. I had to laugh when I noticed that one!

 June 25

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. If you are in the wheat field be safe and here’s to a successful harvest. Good luck to those that are haying.

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7 Responses to Birthday Wishes and White Faces

  1. Sandra says:

    nice cattle shots!

  2. Buttons says:

    Happy Birthday Janet J and Happy Birthday Kim a fellow blogger.
    Two strong women and I wish them the best of days.
    Farmer tan eh?;) hugs B

  3. Kim says:

    Thank you , Robyn, for the birthday shout-out! You made my day. I truly cherish our friendship across the miles.

    The farmer’s tan reference made me laugh. It’s an occupational hazard, I’m afraid. When he has time (which is not right now!), Randy golfs in a league. Not too long ago, a guy asked him why his legs were so white. Randy deduced that he must not be out at the golf course enough. Though some guys wear shorts to farm, Randy doesn’t. It shows – literally!

    • Robyn says:

      All the ranchers wear pants around here. We did have a neighbor that was born and raised in Australia; he had summer tanned legs.

  4. Janet says:

    Thanks so much for the very pretty cards. The words that are so uplifting. You do that ~ you know.
    Thanks for the birthday wish.

    Thanks Buttons. Yes, even the ladies have rancherette tans. We have been working and moving cattle so here comes the tans. 🙂

  5. CountryMum says:

    Great photos. I am particularly taken with the white faced cattle! I had to laugh about the tanning. You can usually pick the farmer round here as being the one with white feet.

  6. Jessie says:

    Hi Robyn,
    I sent you a fb message, but wanted to make sure you would check your others folder. I’ll prep this one for the website 🙂
    Also, do you have a ranch name you’d like to have on your authorship credit? If not, it will appear as your name and state.

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