Bighorn Mountains: A Wyoming Adventure

Last weekend Amy and I went on a girls trip to the Bighorn National Forest. Amy had been to the Bighorns camping and horseback riding as a kid; this was my first trip to these mountains. We got to Buffalo, Wyoming Saturday afternoon and arrived at Muddy Guard Cabin after we drove through Crazy Woman Canyon. Look for canyon pictures on the blog next week. Sunday was our big hike day and the content of this blog post. Monday we walked a shorter trail that started at the Circle Park Trail head. Again, pictures to come in a future blog post.

September 26

Above is the view when we started our hike. We had good intentions on beginning the hike at 7:30 am, unfortunately, Amy and I had trouble reading the map. There was a difference between how the map read and and road signage, or lack there of. We got to the Hunter Trailhead and started hiking at 9 am.

Our hike took us through the Cloud Peak Wilderness area. Our trail took us through Soldier Park. This is the site of two soldier graves and an open meadow.

September 26

Amy’s goal was for us to see the Seven Brothers Lakes. Seven Brothers Trail is the path we took. It was a challenging hike with rocky terrain and steep switchbacks. When we thought we had enough of the extreme path we would come along a creek or meadow. The beauty of the first lake was enough to boost our enthusiasm and kept us moving forward.

The next few pictures are of the creek (or creeks) we walked along.

September 26

The autumn colors were just starting to show. Amy and I were blessed with beautiful weather, a brilliant blue sky and perfect cloud cover.

September 26

Amy and I had to hop, skip and jump to get across the creek. This lead us through a meadow and then the challenge of narrow, rocky trails elevating to 9,700 feet.

September 26

Another one of our goals was photography. We both brought our “big girl cameras.” This is the first time I used my big camera for close to a year. It took a little getting used to again. All the pictures on this post are via cell phone.

September 26

Amazing is how we remember the Seven Brothers Trail Lakes. The collage below contains pictures from several of the different lakes. The bottom picture is the rock we sat on and the view we took in while we ate lunch.

September 26

Seven Brothers Trail Lakes #6 and #7 are pictured below. Amy and I took lots of pictures at Lake #6 thinking we had made it to the end of the trail. Another hiker informed us that we were close and to keep hiking to see the amazing lake #7. We tiredly looked at each other and kept hiking. Lake #7 was worth the extra effort. We were closer to the mountains and surprised to find a sandy beach! The lake water was very clean, clear and gorgeous.

September 26

Below is the view we had leaving Hunter Trailhead. When we got back to the car we were glad to sit down and ready for a meal.

September 26

Two ranch wives hiking in the mountainous wilderness, taking pictures, cooking and visiting is a great way to spend a weekend. Amy and I both stepped outside our comfort zones. We challenged each other, our bodies and our map reading skills. Amy and I talked, laughed and lived! The sight and sounds of God’s spectacular beauty is something that refreshed our souls and is an adventure that will be close to our hearts for years to come.

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7 Responses to Bighorn Mountains: A Wyoming Adventure

  1. Betty goddard says:

    God’s creation truly is amazing! Getting to experience like you did is awesome. Great pics

  2. Darcy says:

    I loooved reading this post! The “great” feeling of the trip shined thru. 🙂 And the pictures are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the ones from your camera. Have a great week!

  3. Buttons says:

    Wow this is an incredible feat to conquer even for two hardworking ranchwoman. I love that you pushed through them all and it was so worth it for sure. The photos and area is stunningly beautiful. That is a great way to spend time with a friend. Thanks for sharing. Hugs B

  4. Kim says:

    I’ll be honest: I’m glad I “sat this one out,” though I’m glad I got to experience some of the beauty through your photos! God’s creation is awesome!

  5. Amy Kirk says:

    Man, I don’t know about you, Robyn but I wish I was still there. I could’ve easily taken in a few more days to fully absorb all the beauty and quiet. I felt like we were somewhat rushed. I’m disappointed in myself for taking more pics with my phone than digging out my Nikon. I’m jealous of some of the amazing pics you got! We definitely need to go back! 😉

  6. Bonnie says:

    Great job ladies! It is good you don’t get so wrapped up in life that you forget to live. Awesome photos.

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