Barn Kitten and 5 Random Tidbits

Nancy at a Rural Journal returned to blogging and hosting The Random 5 Friday Meme. Random 5 Friday was one of my favorite memes as I always enjoyed reading what bloggers came up with for 5 tidbits about their week or life. I’m glad to see Nancy back to blogging and am ready to join in with the random fun.

March 12

1. This late summer born kitten sat and watched us sort replacement heifers two weeks ago. When we were done sorting I grabbed my camera and look a few shots. We like to keep a few barn cats around the ranch for mousing.

March 12

2. Tuesday J and I took out the old woven wire fence between the calving pasture and the “milk cow pasture”.  We left the top barbed wire in place and replaced the woven wire with four strands of new barbed wire. We also set a few extra steel posts for reinforcements. The pesky yearlings are going to have to work really hard to get out now!

March 12

3. Yesterday J had a FSA County Committee meeting and it lasted most of the day. I stayed home to babysit heifers. I had three heifers calf with no problems. The fourth heifer I noticed acting funny calved after supper. Between heifers checks I got a good clean on the house and caught up on laundry. A pretty productive day for this Ranch Wife.

March 12

4. J shaved his winter beard. He first shaved off his upper lip and left the beard; I told him it would be best to finish the job. It amazes me how different he looks full beard vs. no beard. J usually shaves during calving season as a beard tends to catch “stuff” when pulling or suckling a calf.

March 12

5. Monday I got a crown. It was an expensive crown and one that will only be seen my me, the dental hygienist and the dentist. Last fall, while trailing pairs home from summer grass, I broke off part of a molar. It didn’t bother me until two weeks ago when I went in for the first of two crown appointments. The temporary crown fell off after two days and my tooth was very sensitive until I got the permanent crown. I am not a queen, but I do have two crowns!

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13 Responses to Barn Kitten and 5 Random Tidbits

  1. buttons says:

    Love your random’s and your pretty kitties. It is busy here too. Glad you have been crowned I have always thought of you as royalty;) have a great week. Hug B

  2. Sweet kitten, the 4th photo is my favorite!

    I laughed at #4… Mitch felt that the mustache part of his beard was bothering him when he ate, so he shaved the upper lip / top, and left the rest. (His brothers had mentioned that it’s cool to do that right now.. somewhere, i don’t know where.) He looked ridiculous! He actually looked Amish. Not that Amish people look ridiculous, it’s just that we are not Amish. It was also nearly the spitting image of Abe Lincoln’s beard. (also known as a chin curtain, I learned, when I googled for a photo to compare side by side with my goofy husband.)
    SO- the next day was President’s Day, and he kept it through that next 24 hours in honor (and humor) of that.
    Then it all came off so we could go in public with him again. 😉
    Have a great day, Robyn!

  3. lisa says:

    What a cute kitty. I can vision him soaking up the nice sunshine we’ve had. Random things are so very interesting…I learn the most in life from them. Lots of ranchers have been shearing this week…I am married to one who does not care to eat leftovers out of his beard or have a great week!

  4. Lisa Sall says:

    Life gets busy on a ranch this time of year! good luck with the calving!

  5. Kim says:

    Your kitty looks well fed – and that’s a good thing when he’s been given a job to do!

  6. Rose says:

    Oh, your kitty looks like my second cat named Cougar….how I wish I could pet it. It is just so cute. I imagine the fencing to be a job…all I ever done in that dept. would not amount to a hill of beans.

    When we were first married, my husband shaved off his beard…when he came to see me while I worked, he looked so different others thought I had a new man…they didn’t really think that but that is what they teased me with….because they didn’t know him.

  7. Snap says:

    Pretty kitty! You’ve been busy. Of course you have a crown, or two … we are all royalty … right????!!!!!

  8. Oh what gorgeous cat photos! My husband shaved his beard off once, He looked so different I barely recognised him. He has never shaved it off again.

  9. Dawn says:

    Beautiful cat photos and peek into your life on the ranch.

  10. That kitten is adorable and oh so cute. I always feed bad for (barn kitties) though as they have to hunt for their food. Mine are “pampered” indoor only cats.
    Sounds like you got a lot accomplished with the fencing and the calving.
    My hubby has a beard and a mustache. He doesn’t keep the beard long though and if he totally shaved I think it would freak me out.
    Yes Crowns are expensive. I need a couple more but we just can’t afford them right now & mine don’t hurt so I’m living without the crowns until it’s absolutely necessary.

  11. Love those kitty shots, sometimes I wish I had a barn cat to get rid of the pesky mice that invade my house in the winter. Dogs (love them) but not good mouse catchers. Congratulations, your Highness on your 2 crowns.

  12. Marie-AZ says:

    Beautiful cat! Calving time must be a really difficult time for farmers and ranchers. Glad Nancy is back, too!

  13. Sarah says:

    Love the kitty pictures, and I think any mouth work is outrageously expensive.

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