Barbecue at the Stock Show

J and I both enjoy barbecue food. Brisket, ribs, pulled pork, we love it all! We stumbled upon Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ while at the National Western Stock Show in Denver.  Big Bubba’s was hard to miss with a huge grill covered in kabobs, corn on the cob, ribs and turkey legs. I ordered a beef kabob, but they had run out so chicken kabob it was. J had a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw. He gave me a delicious taste of his pork.

January 24

In the yards Cactus Jack’s Chuck Wagon caught my eye. I had seen their “chuck wagon” set up at the Nebraska State Fair, but didn’t eat there last summer. I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity this time around. J and I both ordered a brisket sandwich and it didn’t disappoint.

Thursday morning an article called “Brisket Shortage Has Texas Barbeque Lovers Facing Rising Costs” caught my attention on the CBS Morning Show.

January 24

Are you a barbecue fan? If so, what is your favorite barbecue food? Do you have a smoker, Big Green Egg or charcoal grill at home?

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3 Responses to Barbecue at the Stock Show

  1. You both must have been in BBQ heaven! 😉

    I think meat just tastes better off the grill.

  2. We are HUGE barbecue fans!! YUM.
    Mitch built an old fashioned smoker and uses it avidly.
    He thinks he’s perfected smoked ribs. (He’s choosey.. a big BBQ rib connoisseur.)
    We grill as long as we can all year, and again, he prefers a traditional woodfired barbecue over charcoal or gas (though the gas grill is handy a lot of the time, much quicker!) He experiments with different woods, mesquite, hickory, applewood, and so on. It gives everything such good flavor, I especially love asparagus with the smokey flavor.
    BBQ sauce is my favorite condiment.
    I love a good BBQ pulled pork or pulled chicken sandwich.
    Brisket is probably Mitch’s all-time favorite. He grew up spending his summers on a Texas ranch with his grandparents, and his grandma always used brisket for meals. He says it used to be one of the cheaper cuts of meats… not so anymore! I’ll have to read the article you linked on brisket shortage.
    Ha! That was probably more answer than you asked for. 🙂 Sounds like you ate very well on your trip!
    PS: Mitch loves coleslaw with or on all of his BBQ. 🙂

  3. Cheri says:

    Meat on the BBQ is the best. I’ve even made meat loaf on the BBQ!
    We have the green egg. Love it.
    Sounds like the stock show wasn’t lacking in the food dept… Yum!

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