Autumn Favorites

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons.  As a kid I always loved weaning calves, helping Dad and Mom do chores and breaking new show prospects.  It was always fulfilling to halter break calves, wash, clip and make them look pretty.  I enjoyed the weekends spending time doing what I loved with my family.

October 24

Today my fall activities are very different from those of my youth.  The Rancher and I are doing a few odd jobs that didn’t get done during the hectic summer. We have done a little fencing and moved a few pairs home from grass.  Saturday the rest of the herd is coming home and we will be weaning calves soon.  Due to the Atlas Blizzard we still have hay out in the field.  Hauling hay is one of our priority projects.  We hope by Friday things have dried out enough that we can get some hay home.

October 24

Brisk fall mornings and gray, cloudy days make me ready for soup!  During soup season I could enjoy a bowl several times a week.  I made my first batch of chili a couple of weeks ago and French Onion Soup on Monday.

Sunday, I put my Onion Soup together.  I cut into the first onion and went to crying. The onions were strong … strong, strong.  By the time I got half done slicing onions J had several house windows open thinking the breeze would help with the fumes. When I started sauteing the onions the stench got a tad out of hand.    We had every window open for several hours trying to air the abode out.  By supper time we could still smell lingering onion in our clothes and hair. The soup was delicious and perfect after moving cattle on a drizzly morning!

October 24

I think there is simply something fun about pumpkins.  They make me smile.  I love the variety of oranges, reds and yellows that reveal themselves this time of year. Changing leaves, cool but comfortable temperatures and being able to enjoy a slightly slower pace are welcomed this time of year.

October 24

The outreach and fundraising efforts for the Rancher Relief Fund is unbelievable.  As of last night $300,000 has been raised.  Donations have been made from fellow Ranchers, small businesses and major corporations.  The CHS Foundation has pledged $100,000, Merck Animal Health has contributed $50,000 worth of vaccinations and Tyson Foods has added $50,000 through a tweetcast fundraiser.  There have been six community benefit suppers organized across Western South Dakota; several have successfully taken place. Action Markets are hosting rollover auctions, a benefit auction is being organized with donated items and more activities are in the works. There are also livestock producers donating cattle and horses to those who have lost so much.  This incredible effort is a great start to recovering from Atlas!


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18 Responses to Autumn Favorites

  1. Beth P says:

    I just love coming over and reading your blog! Although I live on an old farm it is no longer active and we actually live in the converted barn so no animals. I would have loved to have gotten this house earlier in life when I could have handled the workload critters entail but I am just happy to be living in the country away from big cities.
    Hugs from your new blogging friend in New Hampshire!

  2. Darcy says:

    Your onion soup recipe looks great! My husband loves, loves, loves french onion soup but I rarely make it – I need to change that around, so thank you!

  3. Buttons says:

    Oh that is such good news about the fundraising the ranchers need not worry as much.
    I love the peacefulness and happiness you show in this post just doing what you have to do. Time with family is the reason. 🙂 Hug B

  4. cheri says:

    Love that first pic. Fall is off to a good start here. Cool evenings and warm days. Its been in the 70’s! But the bottom is suppose to drop out next week and highs in the 40’s. We have so much to do still. Heifers, haul hay – the list never ends. But, I like it! 🙂

  5. Beth says:

    i love the snowy fence shot. very cool view. ( :
    happy weekend.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Lately I have been craving soup and onion soup is one of my top 3 favorites. I love reading about your life on the ranch although it does make me think I don’t do enough chores around here.

  7. I love onion soup. Looks cold there!

  8. I had to laugh at your comment about your soup being great for moving cattle. I knew what you meant, that it made for a tasty meal on a busy day but my take on it was… from your description of all the strong onion odor, it certainly would ‘move’ the cattle away, away, away!!

  9. snap says:

    so wonderful to hear how well the fund raising is going for the ranchers. all your shots are lovely, but really like the first one — i think it is my love of water. i love pumpkins and soup — anytime is soup time, but especially with the cooler weather. loved you onion story!

  10. Roxi says:

    I’m sure glad you came out mostly on top after that storm. It’s been a crazy weather year around here. My bother is having a hard time getting the crops in in ND because of all the rain. Love that first photo. so pretty.

  11. Rose says:

    I have never made onion soup…yet I love onions. But I put about a whole sauteed onion in my potato soup!

  12. Oh gosh, your snow came early! I love “winter” food, French onion soup and chili are two of the first things I make when the weather changes.

  13. Sandra says:

    Glad that the fundraising is going well. I seen that Mercury 21 was raising funds.
    It is such a tragedy for the ranchers. Our hearts have been going out to them.
    Glad you are enjoying fall!
    Sounds like me with onions…I am really sensitive to them and look like a cry baby when I am cutting them up. Maybe one of the reasons I like dried onions 🙂

  14. Brrr. I am so not ready for winter! That is a remarkable outpouring for the fundraiser..the media skipped right over most of it with all the buffoonery going on in our nation’s capital. I hope your hay dries out so you can get it put up.

    • Robyn says:

      Thanks Southwest Arkie. Our hay is put up; we need to haul it home and get it stacked for easy access this winter and spring. We gathered bales at one field today and it was still wet. J decided we better quit after I got the tractor stuck.

  15. Gwen says:

    We were thinking about you when we heard about cattle freezing in S. Dakota. Hope you were lucky and I hope the relief continues for those who were not lucky.

  16. Sharon says:

    Your leaf collage is lovely. And your soup sounds delicious — just the thing to warm a chilly day. I’m so glad to hear how well the fundraisers are going. We lived in South Dakota (long ago!) and I can picture that area of the country. I feel for those ranchers who were hit so hard so early in the season. Have a wonderful weekend, Robyn!

  17. Wishing you some sunshine and warmer temps this week so that you can get your hay done! 🙂

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