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And Then There Were 8

Last week I mentioned the weather and how it affects our daily tasks. I promise to keep the weather report to a minimum this week. Last Monday continued to be cold, snowy and windy. Tuesday surprised us with sun and warmer temperatures. I spent time shoveling snow and taking in some rays. Wednesday through yesterday we had spring like weather. Warm temperatures, … Continue reading


It Was a Long Week

Sometimes I feel like a broken record with my weather report. At the same time, our work is highly influenced by the weather. From the activities we do during the day, to the amount and kind of hay we feed the cows, to how many layers of clothes I need to wear, the weather plays a huge role in how … Continue reading


Tired Ranch Wife

If you don’t like the weather today, that’s okay. There’s a good chance tomorrow will be very different. Last Monday we experienced an overcast, damp cold type of day. Tuesday we received 3-4″ of wet snow. Wednesday we saw a high in the 30’s with high temperatures topping out in the mid 60’s over the weekend. Crazy! Sounds like we are in for some … Continue reading


Sorting Cattle and Calving Heifers

The first half of last week was warm. Warm like, record setting high temperatures in the Hills. On the prairie we saw temperatures in the upper 60’s. Wednesday night we had a major cool down. I would say our temperatures are still above normal for February, but a cloudy windy damp day in the low 30’s feels chilly. We’ve had a few … Continue reading


Oh, What a Week

Last week was a busy one and it was a warm one. We took advantage of the spring like temperatures by dong a few jobs outside and opened the house windows. We attended a couple of sales and we each made a trip to town. J and I kicked off the week with a bull sale. It was fun to get off … Continue reading