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Autumn and Blessings

The past week was full of variety. We shall start with the weather. The first half of the week was on the warm side and Thursday was just right. Friday was a cool rainy day and the cool continued into Saturday. We ended up with .40″ of rain. Along with the heat we also had smoke due to wildfires burning … Continue reading

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Puppy Adventures and Art Projects

Summer decided to give it one last hurrah; at least we hope it’s the last heat wave of the year. Last week we had several days in the 90’s and it sounds like more 90’s to start this week. The good thing is that it cools off nice at night. The coolest temp at our house has b40*. We are … Continue reading


Nebraska State Fair and Other Things

Happy Labor Day! I hope all of you are having an excellent closing weekend to summer. Even though we had a very odd summer, it sure went fast. The fall season of crisp temperatures, changing colors, soup and football is here. Thursday August 24th J and I loaded up the station wagon and headed south. We went to Nebraska to … Continue reading


A Second Atypical Week

I am posting on Sunday evening as we are preconditioning calves in the morning. Tomorrow “in the morning” means we will leave the yard a little before 5 o’clock. Before we leave, I need my cuppa joe and I’ll have dinner heating in the crock-pot. I haven’t been very mindful of taking pictures the past two weeks. Luckily, I have … Continue reading


An Atypical Week

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places, where other people see nothing. ~Camille Pissarro On my way home from North Dakota border town last Monday, I saw this field of crop type sunflowers. I decided to stop and take in their beauty on a blue skied day. There were flowers in a variety of stages, some not … Continue reading