Aunt J and Miss P

I have to share a few shots from Aunt J’s yard.  She has so many pretty flowers and yard ornaments.

We are well into the first week of June, so it is safe to say we survived May!  May, with all its cattle work, farming, drama and a good trip to Nebraska.  I am starting to feel caught up, or at least a little less overwhelmed.  We are still plenty busy, but not frenzied.

The last cow calved on June 2nd.  She had a big boy and he needed help.  It’s kind of weird helping a calf to suck when I have a fresh suntan from mowing earlier the same day.  Better than a howling blizzard!

Dad and Uncle B

Here are a few of Miss P’s animals.  Miss P is a friend and neighbor who raises show pigs and lambs.  She also likes meat goats, horses and tolerates a cow or two.  P and Mom frequently have some kind of sheep business going on.

J is pecking away at the summer fallow this week.  The weather has turned more summer like than spring.  Heat and wind lend us to pray for rain and against prairie fires.

Happy Wednesday!


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11 Responses to Aunt J and Miss P

  1. We’re praying for rain here too – we need it bad. That front on picture of the brown goat is cracking me up! He’s too adorable!

  2. janetwilsonbirky says:

    Wow I do have some pretty flowers. We so enjoyed our time with you and glad to meet you.Jim! We took old yellow pickup that Bill is fixing to your mom and dad’s house. Your dad saluted Bill as we drove in. It was grandpa Wilson old pickup, 65 chevy. Bill wants to give mom a ride in it. Thanks again for stopping, we always enjoy your company.

  3. Patti Wilson says:

    Pam’s goats escaped. They jumped out of their pen, and went on a goat trip, leaving Pam exasperated. She and Mason searched for a whole day and could not find them. After spending a sleepless night, Pam was sitting at the table drinking coffee and wondering where on earth to look next. About that time, the goats came happily bounding and jumping across the yard, right in front of her bay window. They are no longer at large, they are in “goat jail.”

    • Robyn says:

      What would life be like without some type of drama? This from the girl who is not a fan of surprises.

  4. Judy says:

    Love the photos, we have been pretty busy here trying to keep up with the gardens. We could really use some rain here, tho we did get some the other day but it just wasn’t enough.

    • Robyn says:

      Hope you get some moisture, Judy. We had .20″ Tuesday night and it’s raining now (Thursday morning).

  5. Candy C. says:

    Love all your pictures and I enjoyed reading all the comments too, really adds a little behind the scenes story! 🙂

  6. LindaG says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a little less stressed.

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