April Storm over Easter Weekend

When I posted on Friday morning it was raining.  It rained all day until 2:30ish when the moisture turned to snow and the wind came up.  On Friday morning we were feeling lucky to have one calf born overnight.  He was followed by 16 more!  We were busy, to say the least.

Gathering Pairs on Good Friday.

I took this picture of the driveway Friday afternoon when I went to get the mail.

Lots of moisture on Good Friday; rain, sleet and snow!

We checked cattle every 1 1/2 to 2 hours all day and night long.  It was nice to see the moon trying to peak out at 2:15 am.  By 5:15 we had moon and stars!  After a long muddy night of caring for our livestock we started Saturday bright and early.

This calf was all nested down on Saturday morning.

Everyone looks healthy after the Good Friday storm.

With so many pairs in the shed and all the mud J and I hauled the calves to the “Milk Cow Pasture.”  This is the easiest way for us to move barn born calves when it is muddy.  J’s cousin built a calf carrier that we use when hauling calves.

J gets the pair to the barn door, loads the calf, lets the cow get a sniff of her calf, then slowly drives away.  The cow will follow her baby.  I am outside the pen to follow and make sure the cow stays with her calf.

J unloads the calf and we make sure they pair up and find the feed.  I am in charge of the clothes pin counters!

While checking cows on Saturday afternoon I saw several neat photo prospects.  Here is my favorite, more coming later this week.

Soaking up the Saturday afternoon sunshine.

J thought we better go check the bulls and feed them some cake.  We honk the horn and they come a running!

Gathering bulls to cake.

We survived the storm!  We are glad for the moisture and ready for some more sunshine.  Saturday it was in the 50’s and sunny; we 2 calves all day and one came a dusk.

Happy Easter to you and your families.

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