Another Productive Week

Last Sunday I got the car washed, little dog got a bath and our neighbor came over.  Lucky for me he brought his girlfriend and we had a fun afternoon visiting! 

In general I am not a procrastinator.  However, there are a few jobs I put off.  Starching and pressing pants is one of them.  Shortly after we were married J got me a big press.  It is wonderful and makes starching pants much more efficient.  Monday afternoon I pressed 10 pair of pants!

Tuesday I went to the Dentist.  No cavities for me! J spent the day in the tractor summer fallowing.

Fallowing is when a field is left unseeded for a year in order to recover natural fertility before planting again.  The fields that are fallowed (left to rest) this year were farmed last year and will be planted again next year.

Wednesday J and his folks branded the last calves and finished up the fallow.  J also sprayed for weeds.  Our yard seems to grow a bountiful crop of dandelions.   

Thursday was rainy.  By Friday morning we had seventy-five hundredth of rain.

Friday J spent the day at the sale barn.  Might as well go to town with all the good moisture we got.

Yesterday found me cleaning the house and mowing.  Even with the cool temperatures we had this week the yard continues to grow and grow.  I also managed to get my car vacuumed and dusted.  Little dog was not much help with her dusty paw prints.

Last night we had thunderstorms and twenty hundredth of rain.

The highlight of our week was Molly.  The other night I was working on the computer and J was watching TV.  Molly came through the living room and started fiercely growling and gave a bark.  Bostons are generally a quiet dog.  She was mad; the hair on the back of her neck was standing up .  I went to look out the window and did not see any kind of intruder.  We soon figured out Molly’s impostor was hear own reflection in the window. 

It’s the simple things we find so humorous and entertaining.

What is the start to summer like at your house; hot or cool and rainy?

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