And Then There Were 8

Last week I mentioned the weather and how it affects our daily tasks. I promise to keep the weather report to a minimum this week.

Last Monday continued to be cold, snowy and windy. Tuesday surprised us with sun and warmer temperatures. I spent time shoveling snow and taking in some rays.

Wednesday through yesterday we had spring like weather. Warm temperatures, nice breezes and sunshine. The sun didn’t come a moment to soon. Cattle, especially the babies, and humans alike were ready for a break from the cold and snow.

Currently (Monday March 20th, 5:45 am) it is 38* and raining.

We are down to 8 first calf heifers to calf! The girls have been pretty steady calving this week and we hope they keep on having babies.

No calves in the cows. J looks them over pretty close at chore time and we have a few starting to think about getting close to calving. Their “official due date” is April 5th, but we always have a few cows calf before then.

Saturday afternoon J and I tackled cleaning the calving barn. We pitched out pens. We hauled out dirty and wet straw and hauled in new straw. In addition, we cleaned the small lot we keep the heifers in at night. A clean barn bedded deep with fresh bright yellow straw is one of my favorite things.

Trying to come up with a dinner idea, I asked J if he had a hankering for something. Chicken and Stuffing (a/k/a Easy Cheesy Chicken Bake) was his reply. J is not a huge chicken fan and not much of a “hot dish” eater. However, chicken and stuffing is one of his favorites!

When J made his request, I cooked a whole chicken in the crock-pot. Chicken and stuffing doesn’t call for a whole chicken, so I decided to try a new recipe.

Sister and Mom have told me about King Ranch Chicken. They both love the recipe as it’s tasty and their Husbands highly approve. I adjusted the recipe to make a half recipe for J and I. I think the leftovers were every bit as good as the hot dish was the first go around. Mom and Sister are right, it’s a keeper!

J has a township meeting this afternoon and it’s at our house. My house smelled of Pecan Pie last night. Another one of J’s favorites.

I have to laugh as I texted a picture of my pie to Mom. She replied with a picture of the Mile High Apple Pie she baked yesterday afternoon. Great minds think alike, we love to bake and spoil our Husbands.

Thursday afternoon I went and picked up some boards that blew off the stockade around the waterer. The replacement heifers were curious as to what I was up to. The little diva below was more than happy to be a photo subject for me.

Friday afternoon J and I ended up doing yard work. When the snow melted we discovered that the snowblower threw rocks in the yard; a lot of rocks. After two hours of raking and hauling rocks back to the driveway, I can safely mow and not spark a fire or harm the mower blades.

We don’t have much on the calendar this week. With good luck we will be done calving heifers. Reality tells me we will have a couple of girls hang on for a while. I’m not sure what the Rancher has up his sleeve, but fencing would not surprise me. As the temperatures warm, we are finding the snow and ice was unkind to the fences.

I hope your calving season is going well and you have had a taste of spring at your ranch.


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6 Responses to And Then There Were 8

  1. Kim's County Line says:

    I’m glad you got a reprieve from the cold and snow. We are unseasonably warm, which isn’t good either. Several temperature records were broken in Kansas yesterday.

    We are getting close to being done with calving. We only have 6 left. We got all four groups of baby calves worked last week. It was a tiring week!

  2. We have six heifers yet to calve but the first ones were real good mama’s!! So far this spring NO BOTTLE BABIES!!!

  3. Buttons says:

    Hi Robyn our official calving started the first day of spring. Annie had twins one bull and one heifer. All are healthy and busy. This begins the busy time and I could barely get through the slower time. 🙂Such is farming. Good luck with your girls and will comment when I get another chance. I love pie. Hugs B

    • Robyn says:

      Good Luck with your calving, Miss B. I hope you take and post picts of Annie with her twins.
      We are down to 6 heifers to calf! J and I feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. It’s a temporary weight, but we are starting to catch up on a little shut eye.

  4. Jona says:

    Ohhhh, I hate it when the snowblower throws rocks into the yard! We have the same problem. Grateful for the snowblower, but … what can you do? 🙂

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