An Atypical Week

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places, where other people see nothing. ~Camille Pissarro

On my way home from North Dakota border town last Monday, I saw this field of crop type sunflowers. I decided to stop and take in their beauty on a blue skied day. There were flowers in a variety of stages, some not quite ready to bloom and others taking in the sunshine with big heads.

It was an atypical week around the ranch. I hand an appointment first thing Monday morning and J hauled open heifers to the sale barn. J stayed to watch the sale and get in some visiting.

Taking in the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was on Uncle Doug’s Bucket List and this was the year to check it off. J hadn’t been to the rally for many years and decided to take a few days to relax. I stayed home to do chores, check waters and be creative. I worked on two big bold wildflower pieces. I also got the lawn mowed. Actually, I should say I mowed overgrown kochia weeds and trimmed shaggy brown grass. Either way the yard looks better.

The phone rang before breakfast Friday morning. It was the fire dispatcher for our local department saying there was a fire in our area. We headed to the neighbors to find a haystack fire. The neighbors lost some hay, but it could have been much more devastating. It’s amazing how people pull together to help a neighbor and/or friend in need. 

Uncle Doug traveled from the rally to the ranch and stayed for a few days. J and Doug got around all the cattle, did some shop work and the three of us hauled straw home.

Late Saturday afternoon we got rain! It was a quick passing storm, but left us with .76″ in the gauge. We got a little non-damaging hail. Neighbors to the south, west and northwest of us were not so lucky. They got moisture, but it came with a lot of pea sized hail. There were still piles of hail in the road ditch Sunday morning when we went to Church.

The pasture our oldest group of pairs run in got hit too; J used the term pummeled. The good news is all the water holes are full of fresh water and we got well over an inch of rain there. We’ll see if the moisture was enough to get some cool season grasses to grow for fall grazing.

When the storm passed we went to Cousin T’s for a potluck and baby shower. Burgers and a baby make for an excellent excuse to have a social gathering and Janelle loves to entertain a fun crowd. Sometimes we don’t realize how many young people really do live in our community. In our rural area we consider our “neighborhood” a 20-30 mile radius from our house. It’s fun to see kids running around having fun and visit with couples close to our age. Looking around the crowd also made me realize J and I are no longer the youngest ones in the community.

J took a slight detour on his way home from the rally. We would be lost without our good cattle dog,Rosie, and there are times that she needs help. J and I decided it’s time to expand our work crew. This puppy is out of the same female as Rosie and we have high hopes for her. J is still working on a name, but leaning towards my suggestion. Life is exciting with a “singing” voice, early morning trips outside and messes to clean up. Rosie has really warmed up to the puppy and they have been playing hard. The good thing about a puppy is when they play hard, they also sleep hard. When they are sleeping they are not chewing on everything. 

Another atypical week is ahead of us. J is headed to Dakotafest. I’m staying home to do chores and work on more art projects! We are also preparing to precondition calves and start cattle work over the weekend.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week!

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2 Responses to An Atypical Week

  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks for all your help! We sure appreciated it! We have the Best neighbors!

  2. Pamela Galindo says:

    Hello Robyn…..just wanted to say that I hope you don’t take me off of your mailing list….I enjoy your posts so much. July 30th my husband passed away after a short illness, and I’m just taking life a day at a time. Love, Pam in Clovis, California

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