Along the Muddy Creek

Today I am sharing pictures of the Muddy Creek that Mom and I took when I was home over Thanksgiving.

Looking at these creek pictures is more fun than thinking about the weather outside. The past week was similar to last week, snow, wind, blowing snow, wind, and cold temperatures.

December 12

Tuesday J and I braved the cold temps and made a trip to Small Town. The fact we were out of milk, potatoes and fruit was reason enough to venture past the mailbox. Due to the weather we didn’t get mail on Monday, so we stopped at the post office. The Post Office Lady was glad to see us as we had several packages. My favorite package was my planner for 2017! I also got a box of goodies from Sister.

December 12

After reading about A Few of Terryn’s Favorite Things – Gift Guide 2016, I had to take a closer look at the Heart of the Farm Planner. Here are a few of my initial thoughts:

1) The planner has a lot of the list stuff I already do. I keep a spread sheet on the computer and print my weekly list. On the left hand side I have the days of the week. The right hand side I have sub-lists that read ranch tasks, house tasks, food ideas, art/projects or Women In Ag tasks and other.

2) On our big kitchen calendar I go through each month and list the major ranch tasks we do that month (cattle work, calving, trailing pairs to grass and home, hay season prep, haying, ect.). The planner has room to do this also.

December 12

3) Heart of the Farm Planner has a section for field meal planning. I don’t have to take meals to the field, but this section will come in handy for feeding cattle working crews.

4) The gal who makes these planner is from St. Paul, Nebraska. St. Paul is 44 miles from where I grew up. The majority of the photography featured in this planner is work from Nebraska Women. I enjoy supporting friends and people with dreams and ideas similar to mine.

Other planner features include sections for goal setting, seasonal bucket lists and those household tasks that need to be done once or twice a year. You know the ones they talk about in Women’s Magazines that we need to do and usually don’t.

I haven’t started filling in birthdays, anniversaries or monthly ranch tasks yet, but am excited to start writing in my planner.

December 12

After helping J with chores on Friday I headed to Motorcycle city for our winter Women in Ag (WIA) planning meeting.

Friday evening we visited Belle Joli’ Winery. We did a wine tasting and browsed through their beautiful gift section. After super we had a good ole girls visit. I enjoy being on the WIA Board and working with ladies that are passionate, inspiring and creative. I feel blessed with the friendships that I’ve made within this group. They are quickly becoming irreplaceable people in my life.

We continued our meeting on Saturday and wrapped up with a home cooked meal. It was a busy and productive two days. Conference plans for 2017 are in action!

December 12

The forecasters were predicting 20* and no wind for Sunday. After seeing that J thought it would be a good day to run the bred heifers through the chute. The weatherman was close on his prediction, it was 15* and breezy. By mid-late afternoon (or around the time we got done) there was no wind. The sun was shining and the corrals are protected from the wind, so we didn’t suffer too much. Cousin T and Nelle came over for dinner before working heifers and we had a good visit over grilled burgers. Yes, you read that correctly grilled burgers! As long as I can start the grill, I use it.

December 12

Sounds like continued cold temperatures this week. I predict an opportunity to work on my planner! I also intend to do some leg work for Women in Ag and maybe try a new recipe.

What do you have in mind for this week?

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2 Responses to Along the Muddy Creek

  1. Hello Robyn… very happy to hear from you! Your farm planner sounds like it suits your ‘farm’ needs very well; you sound as if you are enjoying it (and attached to it) as I am to a yearly calendar that I love that has dual pockets at the bottom of each page where I store my bills, and stamps and address labels. I guess we all love things that make our lives easier. I enjoyed the creek photos and glad you got to go home for Thanksgiving. In this central valley of California, we FINALLY have fall. The trees are wonderful reds, oranges and yellows and we’ve had a couple of very light rains. But, we’re grateful for every drop. I’m still Christmas shopping and I think I see a light at the end of the end of the tunnel….thank Heavens. Stay warm. Pam in Clovis, California

  2. Bonnie says:

    I live and die by my planner. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to the Belle Joli. I work pretty close to it. Sounds like you are ready for the new year. Merry Christmas!

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