All The Pretty Horses

Two weeks ago, I took Little Dog and Big Dog for a walk outside.  It was a beautiful day for a late afternoon walk.

Our neighbor’s horses were by the road and I had my camera!  This was slightly planned as I saw the horses by the road when I came home from work.

The lessons for the day:

1.  Little Dog can be a good photograph assistant.  When she is on a leash Molly makes little noises and the horses look at her in curiosity.

2.  Big Dog is very well-trained.  Tell her to sit and you’re good.  She doesn’t like sitting and being patient, but she will do it.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

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4 Responses to All The Pretty Horses

  1. Linda says:

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    It’s always good to have assistants – whether you’re talking about photography or walking companions.

  3. Candy C. says:

    Very pretty horses! I particularly like the buckskin! 🙂

  4. emily says:

    Those are such pretty horses! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been around them, I kind of miss them!

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