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Earlier this week the anti-agriculture group Mercy for Animals released an undercover video showing animal abuse at the E6 Cattle Company, a dairy farm in Castro County Texas.  The video shows gruesome and heartless acts against veal calves.

This video release is another unfortunate episode to enhance the wrong doing of a few people to promote the agenda of anti-agriculture animal activists.  It is sad to think that people browsing You-Tube will see the evidence of these cruel individuals and think that all producers involved in animal agriculture act this way.  The individuals who perform these harmful acts against animals need to take responsibility for their unreasonable actions and be punished accordingly.

Nebraska – June 2009

Luckily there are a lot of ranchers and dairymen that are already taking a stand against the anti-agriculture crowd and sharing the truth about how most ranches and dairies are managed.  These hard working individuals are you and me.  Livestock is our livelihood and passion.  The majority of producers are out in the snow, wind, rain, and sleet tending to the needs of the livestock that depend on them.  The safety, care and health of our livestock often comes before our own and that of our family.  Not because of greed, but because of compassion.

May 2010

To read more about this latest animal abuse incident and how genuine livestock people feel about it visit the Beef Daily and/or Crystal Cattle blog.

The weather man has been calling for bad weather (rain and/or snow) to hit us again today and tonight.  Last night we got up at 1:30 am to 44 degrees and dry; at 5:30 this morning 44 degrees and rain.  Luckily we only had one calf over night and he is OK.  We came into eat breakfast and dry off before doing chores.  Since I am a grand multi-tasker, I am posting on my blog while having breakfast before we head back outside.  It will be a long, rainy day of wet calves and clothes.  At least I mopped out my entryway last night!

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  1. Joe Klein says:

    The video does show some gruesome acts, and bad attitudes from the management at the calf ranch and none of it is excusable. What saddens me as much, is the fact that Mercy for Animals did not report this immediately. Rather they let it continue so they could continue to video tape it. Their bigger goal is political, and not the welfare of the calves.

    I would hope those responsible for the cruelty are punished harshly. They do not represent the agriculture or beef industry as a whole, and should be put out of buseness. Maybe the next time someone witnesses such behavior they will report it immediately and not allow it to continue needlessly.

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