Abundant Blessings

Old Man Winter came back, I knew it was just a matter of time before he would. Friday we had temperatures in the 50’s; when I got up on Sunday morning it was -2*.

J and I thought it would be a smart idea to work on the calving shed while the weather was still nice. Friday we bedded the barn and double checked to make sure all the panels were wired tight. Just a few last minute things and we are ready. The official start date for the first calf heifers is March 1st, so we will watching them close in a few weeks.

February 2

Saturday J and I ventured into North Dakota to attend a bull sale. We woke up to heavy fog and it was cold and windy with flurries while we looked at bulls. The weather didn’t hurt the sale as the barn was full of active bidders. J and I stopped for groceries and supper on the way home, by the time we got done eating it was snowing.

Sunday was a gorgeous day. It was cold and we had a fresh covering of snow, but gorgeous with no wind, frost and bright blue skies. It would have been a great day to take photos. J and I had friends over to watch the Super Bowl and I was getting food ready and spiffed the house. Maybe the frost will hold out for me to take pictures this morning.

February 2

I’ve been a bit on the blue side lately. Thursday a really good family friend passed away. Max started buying club calves from Mom and Dad the summer after I was born. This “business acquaintance” quickly turned into a life long friendship. My family has a lot of fond memories of Max and he has left an imprint on our hearts forever.

Saturday night we got news that one of J and I’s friends is having surgery at Mayo later this week. He had been having some dizzy spells and headaches. During a MRI the doctors found a brain tumor. After surgery it sounds like he will have a series of aggressive radiation treatments. Our friend is a man in his early 30’s, active in the livestock marketing business and loves life.

While I was home at Christmas time my Grandma was put in the hospital. She is now in an assisted living facility, but needs more nursing type help than assisted living offers. Dad and his brothers have been busy making sure she is getting the care she needs and learning about the healthcare system. Grandma will be 95 the middle of March.

February 2

I’ve been processing all of the above and keeping in touch with family. I know that I am very blessed for the people in my life and the experiences that I have had. All of my basic needs, and more, are abundantly met, J and I are healthy and making a living in business we are passionate about. We all struggle from time to time and that is when we need to remember the power of prayer.

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4 Responses to Abundant Blessings

  1. Buttons says:

    Sending you HUGS Robyn. Your photos are beautiful Blessings to all in need during these difficult times.Good luck with calving I do hope it is warmer there than here we are hoping ours hold on longer. Take care OK. HUGS B

  2. Kim says:

    I’m so sorry for the struggles of your friends and family. Remembering them and you in prayer this morning, my friend.

    You and J are looking smart to delay calving until March. We lost our first calf yesterday due to cold, despite Randy’s best efforts to get it warmed up and going.

  3. Darcy says:

    Sending you hugs! We had a similar week here too….three good families lost a dad/husband or mom this past week. It’s hard not to feel blue, and reflective at the same time. Just know you’re not alone, and that the feelings you’re processing are normal.

    PS – I hope the weather stays decent and you get some great pictures! 🙂 Love the one in this post of your sweet dog. 🙂

  4. Cheri says:

    So sorry about the losses and struggles now. My prayers are with you and your loved ones.

    Nice to have everything ready, if that’s possible, for calving. We have 16 calves in the heifers. Their due date was February 1! Low birth weight angus bulls! 🙂
    And 3 in the cows. A set of twins. Now I have a bottle baby until we can find her a mama.

    Chin up my friend. 🙂


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