About My Blog … An Update

My name is Robyn.  I am a South Dakota Ranch Wife who loves being in the kitchen and living on the prairie.  I am here to share our life on a cattle ranch.  I will also be blogging about recipes, my adventures and a few random thoughts along the way.

I live with my husband J, the Rancher, a Boston Terrier, Molly, and a cattle working dog, Roxie.  We ranch with J’s parents and are the 4th generation to continue this traditional way of life.  I hope you learn more about how a ranch works and the quality of care our livestock receive.

I am passionate about cooking and baking from scratch.  I am always looking for a great new recipe and growing my kitchen skills.  My toughest critic is J.  He is willing to try new dishes, but I frequently get funny looks.

I also love photography and still have a lot to learn about my Canon PowerShot SX30.  J is learning that patience is golden when I pull out my camera.

I am open to wherever my passions may lead me and look forward to the journey.  I hope you continue to join me as I share pictures of Ranch Life, My Life and Everything In Between.

Thank You for stopping in at The Ranch Wife Chronicles!  I appreciate you looking at my blog and leaving comments.

If you are a first time commenter, your comment will not appear until I approve it.  After the initial approval (I want to make sure you are not some crazy spammer) your comments should appear when you submit them.  I try my best to reply to your  comments, so check back for a response from me! 

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Feel free to contact me at robyn@theranchwifechronicels.com

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13 Responses to About My Blog … An Update

  1. sandy says:

    What program do you use to put your TRLC stamp on your photographs ? Great idea to prevent use of your personal photos by others

    • Robyn says:

      I have an “insert text” option on my picture editing program. The Canon Camera program is called Zoom Browzer.

  2. Teri Logan says:

    Hi Robyn,
    I enjoy reading your blog. Your pics are great too!

  3. Rhonda says:

    I love your intro! It is refreshing to see a happy wife in a happy life doing good things.

    • Robyn says:

      Thank You Rhonda, you are too kind. We have our challenges, but try to keep a positive perspective on life.

      • Rhonda says:

        I think all marriages have some challenges. I think all family businesses have some challenges. I think life in general has some challenges. These are the moments that make us stronger. The other times are what let’s them live. Rhonda

  4. Candy C. says:

    Nice selection of pictures and I like your “intro” too! How cool that ya’ll are 4th generation ranchers! 🙂

    • Robyn says:

      Yes, 4th generation on the same ranch! I think we are very close to being a century ranch also. I am not sure exactly what year J’s “Gramps” settled here.

  5. Kim says:

    Hi Robyn,

    That dessert looks yummy!! Still lovin’ your blog…


  6. alicia says:

    Great minds think alike. lol. I also just posted about who I am and what my blog is all about. Love this insight into your world. Here’s to a fabulous new year with tons of new photo ops…

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